4 Tips for Choosing the Right CPaaS Provider

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Nov 2022
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Communication platform as a service (CPaaS) is today one of the most exciting opportunities in the cloud communication industry. Furthermore, as businesses seek to boost theirĀ customer experience and streamline operations, CPaaS platforms have also grown in popularity. This notable growth is being driven by the increasing adoption of conventional channels such as SMS and a new wave of innovation.

However, like any innovative technology in the modern marketplace, making the most of CPaaS means finding the right provider. Here are a few tips for choosing the right CPaaS provider.

Identify your needs

To find the right provider and enjoy the benefits of CPaaS, you need to identify your business needs and consider your daily activities and marketing processes. After that, highlight essential steps and types of customer interactions. By listing communication setbacks and problems within your business that you want to solve, you can figure out which CPaaS features will be useful to your business.

Ask your potential provider about their support in case of a service interruption or outage. Most reliable CPaaS providers offer a range of technical support contracts with various service levels that suit the needs of all customers and optional extras such as 24/7 support coverage in case of emergencies.

Consider the availability of API

Communication is a wide category that includes many different types of communication technology and styles. Therefore, it's important to ensure the CPaaS provider you pick has a variety of communicationAPIs available. Some of the most common messaging APIs you might want to use in your business application include:

  • Telegram API
  • WhatsApp Business API

Other kinds of APIs allow for voice and video calls, push notifications, emails, RSS feeds and even emergency services calls, making it possible to integrate many communication features into your applications.

Look for reliable network infrastructure

If you are using a CPaaS solution for your outboundcalling or SMS activities, then you need to ensure that your provider can offer reliable and consistent service in the region that is right for you. Coverage is critical here, and it's essential to consider your provider's steps to deliver better consistency and reliability for your business.

Consider the service levels your CPaaS provider can assure and if they can guarantee to lower the risk of downtime and disruptions. It's also important to note that if your CPaaS provider partners with multiple carrier networks, you are more likely to find the right communication platform.

Consider the security and peace of mind

You want your CPaaS provider to give appropriate peace of mind to your business and end-user. A reliable CPaaS vendor doesn't just offer you a consistent and reliable communication strategy within your application. These firms also ensure you don't have to worry about compliance or regulation issues.

Look for a provider that can ensure your data is well-protected and secure. Measure the potential of your vendor based on their ability to comply with things such asISO 27001, GDPR, or SOC2.


There are numerous CPaaS platforms that offer apparently similar features, but not all CPaaS providers are equal. Spend the time early in the adoption and implementation process researching which provider will meet the demands of your business and then pick the one that complements it the most. You don't want to deploy resources that will later require remapping to a new CPaaS provider.

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