10+ Useful Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies Worth Checking Out

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Feb 2023
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Depending on the nature of the projects, hand-picked web design tools and resources can be a big help. At times is even essential. Especially when it comes to streamlining the creative process and creating stunning websites. Ranging from complete platforms to specialist software applications there is a seemingly endless variety of free and premium web design products to choose from.

Creating wow-worthy websites isn’t always easy. But the right tools can often help you do the heavy lifting and work more efficiently. You can complete your projects on time, and meet and even exceed clients’ expectations. 

The right tools can also help to bring your creative vision to life. With this in mind, here are 13 Useful Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies you might find to be helpful. 

1. Be - Best Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BeTheme is the best multipurpose WordPress theme you could choose if you’re looking for that special “must-have” tool you can use to create websites that will effectively showcase your creativity and boost your brand.

This popular (250,000 customers) and powerful website builder places at your fingertips the following best-in-class builders:

  • BeBuilder is the fastest website builder you’ll find for WordPress. It lets you view each element as you customize it, and you can use it in tandem with the BeBlocks library of pre-designed sections.
  • Be’s WooBuilder offers an amazingly simple yet effective approach to building a pixel-perfect online store. 
  • Be’s Header Builder 2.0 makes it easy to quickly create the exact type of header you need for where you need it.

Add Be’s library of 650+ customizable pre-built websites, and it becomes apparent how flexible and powerful BeTheme is.  Be’s updated Setup Wizard will you get your first project underway.

Click on the banner or check out thisfree Live demo to test the incredible Be Builder's features and check what they can do for you. 

2. Trafft – Service Business Management Software You Can Count On

Trafft will not only upgrade your design toolkit but any service-oriented business clients you have will love the way it can save them significant amounts of time and money, and reduce stress for management, employees, and clients alike.

This service business management software solution allows a business to manage multiple booking operations at multiple locations, and from a single platform.

Those operations include:

  • managing appointments bookings for individual clients, groups, and events.
  • scheduling on-site meetings or virtual meetings using Zoom.
  • sending notifications and reminders to clients and accepting payments from them online using Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, or Authorize.net.

Other features of note include:

  • managing special coupons or other service extras.
  • using Google Calendar, Google Meet, and Outlook Calendar Sync as aids to tracking appointment and event schedules

Click on the banner to learn more about how Trafft could help you put huge smiles on your client’s faces. 

3. wpDataTables – The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

The wpDataTables plugin can add some serious muscle to your design toolbox in that it will enable you to create charts and tables that you’ve been hesitant to tackle up to now because they  -

  • were informative, editable, responsive, and attractive.
  • required data from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats.

wpDataTables does the heavy lifting for you with its -

  • ability to organize and process huge amounts of data from different sources and in different formats, including nested JSON.
  • 4 popular chart-building engines
  • powerful sorting and filtering tools
  • features that allow users to see and edit their own information.
  • conditional formatting functionality that enables you to highlight/color-code key data.

Click on the banner to find out more about the best tables and charts WordPress table plugin for WordPress. 

4. Uncode - Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Ratings tell you a lot. Sales numbers do also. The Uncode creative WordPress theme is an Envato top-seller with 100,000+ sales to date.

  • Mix and match 70+ pre-made designs to create any type of website.
  • Build income producing WooCommerce websites with the advanced drag and drop product builder and an impressive selection of shop layouts.
  • Import 550+ section templates with the bundled Wireframes plugin to create your landing pages, or the complete website.

5. Pixpa - Easy & affordable website builder for designers

Ratings can tell you a lot, and if you’re looking for a top-rated easy website builder for designers, Pixpa, with its 4.8/5-star rating is worth a close look.

Pixpa’s features include –

  • 150+ customizable templates you can use to build stunning websites that accurately reflect your brand.
  • A drag and drop editor that eliminates any need for coding.
  • Everything needed to create a responsive portfolio, store, or blog platform.

6. Amelia – Appointments & Events WordPress Booking Plugin

Add the Amelia appointments and events WordPress booking plugin functionality to your service-oriented business client’s website and watch what happens.

  • Your client now owns an automated booking system that flawlessly manages an unlimited number of appointment bookings at multiple locations from a single dashboard.
  • Beauty, healthcare, fitness, consulting, educational, and similar service-oriented businesses can experience the same improvement in their booking operations.
  • Group bookings and events can be managed as well.

7. Getillustrations Web and app illustrations bundle


Once a latest trend, using illustrations in websites has since become standard in that it has made innovation and creativity virtually limitless. While some may become dated, new ones are always added to the Getillustrations library of 14,000+ ready-to-use commercial images.

  • You will always be able to find what you need.
  • Download them and you can use them forever.
  • Commercial licenses are included.

Take advantage of a 30% discount using coupon code: ULTIMATE30. 

8. Mobirise – Website Building Software

The Mobirise free offline website building software app is especially well suited for creating small/medium websites, landing pages, and simple web stores.

  • Mobirise is free for commercial use.
  • 7600+ beautiful website blocks plus selections of templates and themes are included to help you get you projects started and carried through to completion.
  • Mobirise is Mobile/Google-friendly and you’ll love its intuitive interface.
  • Mobirise gives you complete control over your websites that you can host anywhere.

9. Slider Revolution - not just a WordPress slider plugin

The Slider Revolution WordPress slider plugin is much more than a slider plugin.  You can use Slider Revolution to create stunning and responsive WordPress sliders, visuals, and web pages thanks to its -

  • innovative animation effects that require zero coding to incorporate.
  • forward-looking features that push the boundaries of web design possibilities.
  • 250+ dazzling website section and slider templates.

10. WoodMart - WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart is ThemeForest’s most highly regarded WooCommerce WordPress theme for a reason. It is loaded with features not found in most other eCommerce-oriented themes including -

  • shop and product page Elementor builders with an Elementor custom checkout feature, a header builder, AJAX filters, product swatches, and search capabilities.  
  • 80+ prebuilt websites to get projects underway.
  • 400+ templates you can also use for quick prototyping.

11. The Essential Grid WordPress plugin

Essential Grid is by all accounts the best WordPress grid plugin on the market. You’ll find among the many advanced features you can use to create the most stunning gallery possible -

  • 50+ customizable grid templates
  • Customizable grid layout options that include boxed, full-width to full-screen layouts and even, masonry, and cobble grid items.
  • Responsive designs that give you the ability to control how your grids will appear on various devices.

12. Blocksy - Best Free Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Since it is lighter and faster than similar WordPress themes, is packed with dozens of cool features and eCommerce ready and free, it could only be Blocksy, the best free eCommerce WordPress theme on the market. 

Blocksy’s cool features and customizing options include: 

  • advanced WooCommerce integration and integration with Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and TutorLMS.
  • header and footer buildersand custom post types & dynamic data support. 
  • excellent Product Wishlist extension and Pop-Up Content Block

13. Total WordPress Theme

This aptly named WordPress theme is packed with features that give you a ton of flexibility yet is easy to work with.

Total’s features include -

  • 45+ quick-import demos, 90+ section templates, a selection of post entry cards, and live customizer theme settings that work in combination with dynamic templates and layouts.
  • an extended version of the popular WPBakery drag and drop builder that includes a selection of custom builder elements.


Depending on the nature of the tasks, certain web design tools and resources can be a big help. They are at times even essential when it comes to streamlining the creative process and creating stunning websites.

Creating wow-worthy websites isn’t always easy, but the right tools can often help you do the heavy lifting. You can work more efficiently and complete your projects on time. And meet and even exceed clients’ expectations.

The right design tools can also help to bring your creative vision to life. With this in mind you might find one or more of these 13 Essential Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies to be helpful.

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