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Opentip - Javascript Tooltip Framework

06 Feb 2013
Opentip is a open source javascript tooltip framework created by Matias Meno. By utilising canvas, tooltip can be rendered easily with different styles. Also, for...

SpectragramJS - Access Instagram API Made Easy

31 Jan 2013
Instagram's API uses the OAuth 2.0 protocol, it's designed for simple, and quick implementation. However, for non-developer, using and learning third party API can be...

12 Best WordPress Image Galleries and Sliders

30 Jan 2013
Image slider has been a great UI component to attract user attention. We can use it to showcase our portfolio, products and latest news and...

Elevate Zoom jQuery Image Zoom Plugin

24 Jan 2013
Elevate Zoom is an image zooming jQuery plugin. It's particularly useful to display large version of product image, and this tool has been a famous...

Fresco: Elegant and Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin

14 Jan 2013
Fresco is a jQuery lightbox plugin. Unlike most lightbox, Fresco is the first truly responsive lightbox. There are many responsive websites around, Fresco can fit...

Metro User Interface Implementation and Resources

Web Development
09 Jan 2013
Metro is a new design language created for the Windows Phone 7 interface. Now, Metro concepts has propagated throughout a number of its products over...

Mega Drop Down Menu Showcase and Solutions

Mobile Development
02 Jan 2013
Mega Drop Down Menu has been a growing trend in web design. For site that involve a lot of pages and/or products, this type of...

8 Feature Packed Sliders that Support Video

04 Dec 2012
There are so many image sliders out there, but how many of them actually support video? With the popularity of online video services such as...

Implement The Impressive Paper Folding Effects

18 Nov 2012
Paper folding animation effect is one of the newly introduced effects mainly available in touch devices. It works well with touch gestures, such as swiping...

Extend Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Plugins

05 Nov 2012
Twitter Bootstrap comes with many javascript plugins too. However, eventually, you will find some common javascript plugins are missing, such as datepicker. Here, I have...

Visually Appealing and Experimental Javascript Plugins

01 Nov 2012
 I love experimental Javascript plugins. It's a glimpse of what javascript and css can do in the future. When you browse through the following examples,...

Create Web Based Window 8 Interface Quickly with Metro UI CSS

Web Development
22 Oct 2012
Metro UI CSS allows us to create Window 8 Interface quickly by using predefined css styles and markup. Similar to Twitter bootstrap, it has scaffolding...

Grid-A-Licious, Responsive Floating Grid Layout jQuery Plugin

17 Oct 2012
There are many Pinterest floating grid or dynamic grid javascript plugins nowadays, if you have missed our previous article about it, you can read it...

10 Pretty Impressive Premium Javascript Sliders

16 Oct 2012
We have showcased many free sliders in Queness. This time, we are going to showcase a few premium sliders. We browsed through Code Canyon, and...