8 Feature Packed Sliders that Support Video

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Dec 2012
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There are so many image sliders out there, but how many of them actually support video? With the popularity of online video services such as YouTube and Vimeo, some of you would want to embed video as one of the slides. Here we have a few Image sliders that support video embedding. Some of these sliders support touch gesture, responsive support, complex HTML content and highly customisable with callback events and methods to allow the slide to be displayed in different visual appearance too.

  • RoyalSlider

    A premium solution. RoyalSlider supports YouTube and Vimeo videos and there is basic api to add custom players (includes example with JW player integration). It's a feature-packed slider that support touch gesture on mobile devices, responsive, and would slide any type of HTML content as well.

  • jQuery Slider Shock

    jQuery Slider Shock allows videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Hulu. You can mix both image and video slides altogether.

  • HTML5 Gallery

    A HTML5 jQuery Image and video gallery plugin. It supports images, flash, video files and online videos such as YouTube and Vimeo. It works on mobile platforms too.

  • Awakward Showcase

    Awkward Shocase is a content slider and it supports video and actually do more than that such as complex HTML content, tooltips etc.

  • Nivo Gallery

    NivoSlider is one of the famous sliders. It has evolved into a content slider and now it also support video.

  • AnythingSlider

    Written by CSS-Tricks, this slider has heaps of features. Optional Video extension allows video to pauses playing when not in view and resumes when in view (if files are hosted on the web). This currently works for YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video; added in version 1.6.

  • RivaSlider

    Riva Slider will recognize links to both YouTube and Vimeo videos. Unlike other plugins, with the Riva Slider you can insert the link used to watch a video (directly from your browsers address bar) and the plugin will extract the video from that link automatically.

  • FlexSlider

    Created by WooThemes this responsive slider supports video that will even work in responsive layout. It works well with FitVids

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Nice collection of Video Supporting Sliders.
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nice collection . was very useful . thank you .
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Very useful information, Kevin Liew!

Keep it up, Man!

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