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Artificial Intelligence is the New Thing in Mobile UX

16 Sep 2019
Artificial intelligence is a buzzword right now, and for good reason. AI has become more advanced than many thought possible. It has become the stuff...

Gorgeous Color Palettes of The Fortune 500, Retail Companies

Web Design
15 Aug 2019
Colors are used in every aspect of our lives. Think of the weather radar, train lines, maps, and street signs. These things are considered practical...

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Take the B2B World by Storm

10 May 2019
When digital marketing strategies and techniques are concerned, the winds are always changing.

5 Reasons Listicles are Controversial

21 Jan 2018
Listicles are perhaps the most controversial type of content one can publish today. Some love them, as they provide quick and easy content to consume...

Programmatic: Making Ads More Appropriate

06 Jun 2016
Programmatic advertising - the ability to target the right ad at the right customer at the right time - is growing in popularity. The fastest...

Design Bump: Latest Links for Designers & Developers!

27 Feb 2014
If you’re a creative Graphic Designer or Web Designer you’re always looking for new inspiration and ideas. Design Bump is a Social Network dedicated to...

How to Design a Website that People Trust

Web Design
16 Oct 2013
One of the toughest hurdles for an online business to overcome is establishing trust with its audience. While most of today’s consumers buy from online...

10 Resources and Promotion Facts for Freelance Designers

Web Design
04 Sep 2013
It’s definitely hard to stand out in the crowd sometimes when you’re a freelancer, so it’s important to promote yourself and make an impact. Self-promotion...