Artificial Intelligence is the New Thing in Mobile UX

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Sep 2019
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Artificial intelligence is a buzzword right now, and for good reason. AI has become more advanced than many thought possible. It has become the stuff of science fiction. Not only is artificial intelligence helping us in our daily lives, it is changing the way we experience technology.

AI-driven apps for web design and mobile marketing are changing the landscape of the mobile user’s experience. Businesses are embracing AI and Machine Learning to simplify the workflow for marketers in many ways. They offer untold benefits and unprecedented issues. Hotels, e-commerce companies, airlines, and brick-and-mortar businesses are using AI to enhance their customer’s experience, and nobody is doing so more than mobile companies. 

AI & Marketing

Face recognition software, voice assistants, augmented reality, and AI are all being used to offer innovative features and easy solutions for everyday tasks. This has revolutionized the digital landscaped and has shaped mobile markets. Companies like Amazon and Netflix are already leveraging technological feats like Machine Learning to market to specific customers. 

Manufacturers of handsets are upgrading their phones with AI processors. Everyone from Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Apple iOS devices all contain hardware designed to handle AI tasks. In 2017, three percent of phones had AI capabilities, now 35 percent of mobile devices will have AI next year. 

This technology is being used widely to market to new and old customers. AI is changing the way people interact with their phones, and is therefore being used to encourage people to buy goods and services. They are doing this by collecting data on people’s behavior and analyzing it. Determining how a demographic will respond to a particular marketing tactic is very valuable information to just about every business. 

Machine Learning algorithms can precisely target their audiences and avoid scattering efforts on irrelevant leads. Companies who run mobile apps are boosting engagement and sales. According to the specialists at the site MoneyPug, which is used to find mobile phone insurance, AI tools promote to the right people easier and more effectively compared to old-fashioned methods where everything was done manually. 

Types of AI Software

AI tools fall into specific categories. These include analytics, content management, ad optimization, email marketing, customer service, social media management, and more. Analytic tools are some of the most utilized in the marketing world and the method that companies use to improve customer UX. Processing massive amounts of data can predict the customer’s decisions based on their past choices. Some tools help marketers maintain a personal connection with customers to create a sensible outreach plan for various audiences. 

Ad optimization tools are a great feature to manage all ad campaign data in one place. They also provide the ability to build customized workflow and Machine Learning recommendations. Ad optimization tools automate and create targeted ads. AI generates relevant ideas for new content and SEO checks whether similar content already exists. 

Finally, customer service tools are powered by AI to take care of communications with customers. Intelligent Chatbots greet visitors to the website and provide any help that they need without a person having to always be there waiting. 

Intelligent Apps

Intelligent mobile apps are AI-enabled applications that deliver rich, adaptive, and personalized user experiences. Combining the power of predictive analytics, cutting-edge technologies, operational data, and consumer data with the latest user-centric application development tools to make an unbeatable user experience. These are action-driven, data-driven, and adaptive Omnichannel tools with no keyboard inputs. 

Some of these apps include Cortana, Microsoft’s personal assistant that offers features and functionalities to users. They can keep track of important files and documents, set reminders, and obtain insight into the weather, traffic, and more. 

Socratic is an AI-based app from Google that simplifies the learning process. It empowers students to ask Q&A section, blog links, videos, and more that makes the study process faster, simpler, and easier. 

IRIS is another example of AI being implemented in mobile apps. It is an intelligent reporting Android and iOS app for leaders and managers. The application enables users to get access to the report on any particular team member. 

Whatever business you are in, AI is being used as a marketing tool that improves user experience by just about everyone. It is an effective way to learn about people’s wants and needs, but it does come at a price. AI is learning about you without your knowledge, it knows what you want and what you need before you know that you want or need it.

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