5 Digital Marketing Trends to Take the B2B World by Storm

Written by Kevin Liew on 10 May 2019
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When digital marketing strategies and techniques are concerned, the winds are always changing.

Search engines keep updating their algorithms every now and then. Ad platforms keep flipping their content filters every other day. User interface changes on apps and websites are quite frequent.

In conditions like these, your B2B marketing needs constant updates. Aiding to the same, here’s a list of 5 digital marketing trends to shake the B2B world upside down.

1. End-to-End Personalization

We all love to come across content that speaks directly to us.

For example, you too might have come across a piece of content that spoke to your brand as if it was designed just for it.

Don’t you just love how it is?

That piece of content was designed and curated keeping an audience in mind. That audience had interests sharply similar to those of your business. For that reason, it could successfully evoke a sense of end-to-end personalization, enabling you to connect with it.

If things go well, in 2019 we are going to see a lot of this. We can expect to see it enhance integrated customer experience like never before.

2. New Technologies will Take Over

We’ve all been hearing and reading a lot about new technologies like AI, machine learning, automation, and virtual reality. This is the time when we can expect to see them in action.

However, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are already functional, making the search results better and more personalized every other day.

As it seems, 2019 is going to witness marketers leveraging data collected with machine learning to optimize their B2B marketing strategies; better than ever.

Also, virtual reality is going to level up visual content marketing and take it to new highs.

3. Chatbots to Revolutionize User Experience

A concept made possible because of artificial intelligence, chatbots make life easy for your business and its prospects at the same time.

Whether you run a B2B or B2C business, chatbots can help you automate basic customer service. This means that your customers and prospects will be able to resolve basic issues on their own just by interacting with the chatbot.

Many websites have already been using chatbots to interact better with their customers.

4. Videos will Dominate the Game

While video marketing is one of the most fruitful investments that your business can make, video SEO is really crucial to focus on.

In 2019, we can expect to see videos dominate search results like never before.

Search engines like Google and Bing have already started displaying video snippets in image results and SERPs as well.

Plus, facebook’s ad distribution system has enabled marketers to generate revenue through pre-roll video ads. This is also expected to grow further in 2019.

5. Geo-marketing will Rise

It’s been time since businesses started using location to market their products and services. But for all the goodness, geo-marketing is going full-fledged now.

In fact, the need has given birth to new geo-marketing technologies like geo-fencing. It has evolved the concept of location targeting by allowing companies to attract competitors' clients or create awareness for their own brand.

Looking at the way this technology has progressed, it won’t be wrong to say that geo-marketing will soon become more specific and laser-focused in the coming future.

Final words

In the world of digital marketing where techniques keep changing all the time, to achieve your marketing goals, you’d need to keep yourself updated with the new trends.

In this post, you read about some of the hottest upcoming trends that can change the face of B2B marketing. Hopefully, this helped you.

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