Programmatic: Making Ads More Appropriate

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Jun 2016
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Programmatic advertising - the ability to target the right ad at the right customer at the right time - is growing in popularity. The fastest growing type at the moment is native advertising in the UK.  At the same time, the number of devices per user is also on the rise. These two worlds have already started to collide, presenting opportunities for marketers. The reason for this is that customers' adoption of multiple devices has complicated the buying cycle.

Mobile provides us with perhaps the most exciting opportunity to enable programmatic advertising thanks to geo-location technology. Knowing where consumers are and combining this with their cookie profile (their browser history) allows marketers to gain a much greater understanding of where people are physically, as well as in terms of the buying cycle, and deliver an appropriate ad in real time.

The key word here is "appropriate", because someone browsing the internet while in a DIY store may desire a wide variety of things. For example, if they have previously visited price comparison sites for hammers (this could have been on another device, such as a tablet while at home), they may be a long way down the buy cycle and therefore may be susceptible to a price-led ad.

Continuing with this example, if someone has visited a DIY store, and then later that day searched for information about hammers (again this may be on a different device), it could be assumed that they didn't end up making their purchase in store due to a lack of product knowledge. Thus an informative native advertising piece for the UK market, such as "DIY for Dummies", may be more appropriate.

Of course, technology is the enabler here because a data management platform (DMP) is necessary to create such a cookie profile - connecting the dots across the prospect's various devices. Further, the ad transaction will need to be automated to a degree for it to be a scalable model. Access to such technologies will ultimately dictate which organisations can engage in this new age of advertising.

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