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Parsing Markdown with PHP Parsedown Script

Web Development
12 Nov 2013
Markdown is an emerging markup language which emphasis on easy to learn and use so that the writer can focus on the content and not...

Ghost - A Highly Anticipated And Intuitive Node.js Blog Platform

Web Development
17 Oct 2013
If you haven't heard about Ghost already, Ghost is the most highly anticipated blog platform of the year. An open source blogging platform which makes...

Google Web Designer – Cool HTML5 and CSS3 Animation Made Easy

Web Development
02 Oct 2013
The web giant has released a tool called Google Web Designer. I downloaded it but haven't got a time to play with it yet. After...

8 Conceptual Javascript and CSS3 Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Web Development
25 Sep 2013
Codepen is like dribbble but it's designed for web developers! Instead of just visual design, you can see real working implementation. Though not all examples...

19 Most Useful @Font-Face Generators for Converting Fonts to Web Safe Fonts

Web Development
16 Sep 2013
Fonts! They are crucial for the success of any website. A font basically represents the nature of a website, for example; a corporate website will...

Simplest Way to Create Cool CSS3 Animation Effects

Web Development
13 Sep 2013
CSS3 Animation are gaining tons of attention lately. Personally, I have started using it in some of my projects and I absolutely love how simple...

Website Development - The Emerging Trends

Web Development
01 Sep 2013
Website development industry goes through changes at the blink of an eye. The technology and the trend that is in great demand today becomes a...

Twitter Bootstrap Version 3

Web Development
31 Aug 2013
Bootstrap 3! My favourite front-end development framework has finally get its latest update. This new version follows the mobile-first approach and some of the components...

Toggle Switches in Web Development

Web Development
29 Aug 2013
Toggle switch has become one of the popular form elements in mobile apps, sometimes, on desktop website. It makes perfect sense while we use it...

Unleash the Full Power of Form Elements with Javascript

Web Development
30 Jul 2013
I have this love-hate relationship with web form. I have created countless of forms, from the simplest email subscription form, login form to the massive...

Useful Front-end Frameworks with Responsive Support

Web Development
23 Jul 2013
Front-end development is not easy, you need to know HTML, CSS and Javascript. Moreover, with different versions of browsers and platforms, you need to know...

The awesomeness behind LESS

Web Development
04 Jul 2013
If you have never heard of LESS before, let me introduce you it. LESS is a preprocessor for CSS; basically it is a dynamic language,...

The Famous Slide Out Sidebar Navigation Javascript Solutions

Web Development
28 Jun 2013
We have seen different kinds of navigation solutions for responsive layouts. The most common solution would be transforming main navigation menu into drop down menu....

Digging into HTML5 Video

Web Development
14 Jun 2013
HTML5 moves the web into a new era. It introduces so many new elements and attributes that would make the web more semantic. Among them,...