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Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Apr 2015
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For sure any web developer knows that his job is really hard and stressful. To skip doing everything manually, save time and add value to your work, you can use these wonderful web apps that are at our disposal, like a partner.

This particular post lists down more than 10 useful web tools for designers and developers. These tools and resources are bound to help you.


Pidoco is an online prototyping tool, which allows even novices to easily design basic wireframes, but also provides the functionality to create fully interactive simulations. As it's cloud based, any team member can log in via the internet to view, edit and comment on a project. With a few clicks you can rearrange elements and relink pages. Prototypes can be viewed in the web browser or directly on a mobile device via an app. With Pidoco’s “Extended Interactions” you can make wireframes look and behave just like the real thing by defining how they react to user inputs like touch gestures, mouse clicks or location information. A template system, exports and an API make this tool one of the most interesting ones we have seen out there.


TeamDesk is a hosted Web-based system that empowers teams with easy-to-design Web based database applications and predefined solutions for effective management and sharing of business information. TeamDesk gives you a centralized searchable environment to organize your business. It is flexible, easy to learn, convenient to use, customizable, and completely Web-based. It's easy to use, it has tons of features and the prices are very small, when you think for the benefits. Sign-up for a trial period of 14 days.



Using Usersnap, you will automatically create screenshots of your current browser, when a bug report is filled. Using this wonderful tool, you will get rid of asking for snapshots from your users. It's an easy to use software with great results. Maybe the best part of Usersnap is that it doesn't require any special plugins. The in-browser screenshot will spot specific problems instantaneously. Another cool feature of Usersnap is that you can invite your colleagues, business partners or team members into Usersnap to talk over screens and brain-storm for the best solution. It will definitely make you and your web team more productive.



How can you better grab anyone's attention than with animated multimedia content ? HTML5MAKER is the best service to do it as it's simple to use and really fast in having outstanding results. An awesome feature you have to know is that the animations you create will be compatible with Google AdWords and Google Double-Click and it will help you a lot in gaining SEO results. Your animations can be embeded to your website from the cloud. HTML5MAKER is also the best banner maker on the market.



Themify Builder has revolutionized the way we are building our websites. Even most advanced professionals are using this tools, in order to gain the same awesome results, buy way faster. A very important characteristic of this tool is that this theme is SEO optimized.



Whenever you need your projects to be a success and run smoothly, the most important key is the strong and easy communication. Using Framebench, an online based collaboration and feeback platform will get you, your team but also your customers connected. In this way you can share assets and receive the useful feedback you need.



DealFuel is the number one deal website that has also a section dedicated for freebies and free products. There you can find some of the best on the market, that will ease your work but will make it also more enjoyable. It's very important to take into consideration the membership options as can certainly save you money.


Ghostlab App

Ghostlab App is maybe the most appreciated cross-browser testing tool you can find on the internet. It works with all popular browsers and you have a lot of control over manipulating site functions and what you is displayed onscreen. Using this wonderful app you focus on developing a website that all users can enjoy. Try it and you will never let it go !



Bug tracking shouldn’t be more complicated than the issues being tracked. Bugrocket is a simple bug tracker for small teams and freelancers. Help reduce friction in creating, assigning and completing development tasks. Other bug trackers are slow and needlessly complicated while Bugrocket has been stripped down to it’s core essentials. Spend less time configuring your tools and get back to working on the projects you care about.


ShopSite is not just one of the top shopping cart solutions on the market, but also one of the best focused on the marketing side that really generates business. It has social media integration, loyalty programs that can help you achieve important goals and upsell capability.



Creating animations with Wideo is really easy to handle because it comes with an extense library of elements, objects, and fonts, but also beautiful characters, templates and colorful backgrounds. Imagine what could you do with all of these, especially when you think that is the most user friendly web app.


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chawki trabelsi 9 years ago
Thank you Kevin for the resources I liked the Html5maker, Dealfuel and Wideo tools that are really useful.