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The Best 20 Tools for Web Development

Web Development
24 Nov 2014
It’s complicated enough with all the different devices that now have access to the Internet to make a website that will look good and function...

Top 20 Best Tools for developers and designers

Web Development
08 Oct 2014
The Internet is more accessible than ever before in our current day and age. Due to this fact, having a presence online is more important...

Become a Web Developer from Scratch

Web Development
22 Sep 2014
Web development is a very interesting industry, you don't learn just one language, but at least 3 - HTML, CSS and Javascript. And as you...

Top 20 Most Helpful Web Development Tools

Web Development
03 Sep 2014
In order to keep up with these demands and of course, with the trends, web developers have come up with different solutions that will make...

9 Web Based Solution to Create Stunning Slideshows Presentation

Web Development
15 Jul 2014
We have HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Just like building websites, we can integrate multimedia such as photo, video and audio into HTML slideshows. With the...

Fenix - A Simple Static Desktop Web Server

Web Development
07 Jul 2014
Web server is an essential tool for web developer. It's an essential tool to save times and bandwidth. By developing or updating a website locally,...

What is The Point of CSS Preprocessors

Web Development
01 Jul 2014
When it comes to preprocessors some of developers have the opinion that they are fixing something that is not broken. However, I’ve personally found that...

Automated Workflow for Front-end Developers

Web Development
26 May 2014
Hot from Oven, let me present PHỞ Devstack 1.0 created by source. From the creator of CSS Hat, PNG Hat and LESS hat, pho devstack...

Atom - A Fully Customisable Text Editor for Coders

Web Development
08 May 2014
Atom is a desktop application based on web technologies. It has the look and capabilities of normal desktop application, but in the same time, because...

This Year’s best 15 Pro Platforms for Designing Beautiful Websites

Web Development
15 Apr 2014
If you’re a web or graphic designer, chances are that many of your clients have asked you to create their website to help boost their...

29 Node.js Frameworks for Fast Web Application Development

Web Development
11 Mar 2014
Node.js has great community support, there are more than sixty thousands of modules written and many frameworks available to be used. Here we have chosen...

11 Lightning-Fast Flat File CMS

Web Development
28 Feb 2014
With the emerging of powerful Flat file CMSes, people starts using them as the platforms for personal and commercial websites. Since there's no longer database...

Microweber CMS - A Flexible, Easy-To-Use & Open Source CMS

Web Development
19 Feb 2014
The idea of Microweber was born almost two years ago as founders Boris (designer), Peter (developer) and Alexander (front-end developer) thought the world of CMS...

Disable Javascript Console in Browsers

Web Development
14 Feb 2014
Randomly found this interesting reading about how Facebook disable developer tools at StackOverflow. It turns out, it's actually possible to disable Javascript console using Javascript...