Creating New Projects By Using Strong Resources

Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Feb 2016
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Whenever you start a new project, I believe you will have a list of web applications up your sleeve, a well-chosen tools that will smoothen the planning, design, development and support process.

Here we have a good list of web applications that we reckon it will be a great addition to your list:

Tickera is the perfect choice for anyone wanting an easier way of managing their event tickets and the evidence of the participants. It is a plugin that helps you sell your tickets and deliver them virtually to your attendees. Thanks to its integration with the well-known WooCommerce, called Bridge for WooCommerce (more here:, it is now a piece of cake to create tickets that have their own price or stock, to set some ticket types and create different looks using the Tickera drag & drop template builder or to just control the number of available check-ins per each ticket type.

Regarding the ticket scanning, Tickera comes with white label smart phone applications both for iOS and Android users, giving them the chance to use their iPhone, iPad or Android device to scan tickets. Besides this, there is also another tool called Barcode Reader, made especially for bigger events with a lot of attendees. All of these are really simple to use! Just point your smartphone or barcode reader to the ticket, check-in and voila, you’ve done it.

The payment is made fast and you can choose from a variety of methods the one that suits you best. There are over hundred payment gateways, including, Braintree or PayPal. If the one you are familiar with is not in their list, you can leave a message to the support team and we guarantee they will answer within minutes.

With Backblaze, everything is simple: especially its pricing and software! It is an online backup service that provides many ways to get your files back whether you lose a single file or millions of files. It can backup unlimited files at a great price of only $5/month, providing extra safety through its encryption options. In addition, you can access these files anywhere you want from your iPhone, iPad, Android device or computer. This option for mobile access makes it possible to open almost any downloaded file with the app of your choice, browsing your files just like they are organised on your computer and select what you want. You can also backup all your attached external drives. Moreover, you have a few restore options from which you can choose: apart from downloading, you can have a USB Flash Drive (128GB for $99) or a USB Hard Drive (up to 4TB for $189) sent to you via FedEx and, in any case, you can send it back within 30 days for refund. With all these cool options, how can you not make the most out of Backblaze?

Website click-rate can drive you mad sometimes. And then you KNOW you have to start promoting your website on social networks. As some smart guy said, website popularity depends 40% on the content and 60% on advertising. So you'll definitely need a screenshot service to help you achieve just that. Shrink The Web is what we recommend you for this task. It's simple, fast, reliable, and with an acclaimed support team. You can try it for free just by entering your website address on the bar on their platform. Too bad that there are only six default sizes you can use. But a paid account (it's only 10$ a month, one of the lowest prices on the market) can offer you tons of stuff you will fall in love with: custom sizes for capture, full length previews (this really helps uncover the content the content below-the-fold), private label (to add your own mark on the image) and inside page analysis (to help you pass the welcome page).

Ultimatum Theme is THE greatest website builder available. Its CSS editor makes you to set your desired styling with ease. Each element defined in back-end can be styled with just filling the forms and setting the options. Creating Bootstrap Powered WordPress themes is just a matter of clicks with Ultimatum. It can create responsive web sites with the same comfort of adding a new paragraph. The user can benefit of the 33.000+ free plugins listed at, so every enhancement feature can be added without any functionality issues. And their numerous themes can render any type of website: a business, a blog or even a small store. With all of these characteristics, what are you waiting for?

Using an easy-to-use interface and a fully responsive design, Simbla Website Builder is the best choice for your freshly new business website. Having a big range of high quality and beautiful templates to choose from, creating your site is a piece of cake: you sign up, start building your website and within minutes you can make it alive. For any questions, you are provided with a knowledge base that covers all the stages of website creation and, if still not enlightened, you can always ask their support team!

Searching for original design themes, we encountered Their features offer the environment of building and editing the parent themes with a drag-and-drop layout modifier. Their clients are especially pleased by the easy way of managing their projects and making their own post templates. You can see for yourself the large palette of designs you can choose from directly on their homepage. Go check it out!

One of the best softwares of project management is TeamDesk, which gives you a more centralised source of accurate data, that you can custom, manage and personalise the way it suits best your business. You can get it started by choosing he Starter Edition, which is available for 5 users at $49 per month for one database, or by selecting one of the other plans: Team Edition or Enterprise edition.

Any new project is useless without a proper marketing campaign to back it up. While online marketing has reigned supreme over the past few years, you can’t neglect the success that offline marketing can generate for a new project. That’s where Quality Logo Products comes in. They can provide promotional goods ranging from a simple tote bag to custom sports bottles with strawcaps. All items are customizable and available in bulk. Promotional items can be used in a number of ways, but you can find several great marketing ideas here.

With this tool you will be able to completely understand your web and mobile site visitors. It provides you great analytics, using many features such as Heatmaps, that lets you see what your users do on your site, by representing their taps and scrolling behaviour. Besides this, you can also benefit of visitor recordings of their click, polls, surveys and funnels.

If you’re looking for mobile-friendliness, latest website blocks and techniques “out-the-box” for creating a website, then Mobirise is here to help you! It has a very easy-to-navigate interface, with many features, such as a big range of popular website blocks (bootstrap carousel, content slider, parallax scrolling), google maps to help customers find your company, image gallery and many others that are waiting to be discovered by you!

No more hours spent on coding every single page, no more time wasted on building websites from scratch, thanks to Do-It-Yourself website builders. uKit is one of them, providing you with an easy-to-navigate, fun and modern interface that will help you design your site the way you wish. It is one of the best platforms in the business website builders niche, as stated by

Thanks to Xfive, your web development issues faced by your website will no longer be such a big deal, as is is the perfect partner for helping you with your projects, ensuring they are delivered on time, with close attention to detail and with within budget. WordPress development, transforming Sketch to HTML or creating HTML email are just some of the great things they can do for you.

As IM Creator say, the new Polydoms technology implemented in XPRS site builder is putting them way above all other website builders. We totally agree on that, as it is one of our favourite sites, thanks to its many features, such as the unlimited hosting and bandwidth that you get for free, the easiness of using perfectly made block for building or the fully responsive design. 

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