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Written by Kevin Liew on 11 Mar 2016
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e starting out with a new project, it’s important that you choose the best tools and resources available. Luckily, nowadays, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to tools and resources for web or application development.

However, searching through all of them can sometimes be very time consuming. To that end, we’ve gone and selected what we think are the best tools and resources for starting a website or an application.


Looking for a team of creative, experienced individuals who are not afraid of working with the latest technologies and reaching for new horizons? Then you’re looking for Muffin Group. If you need any evidence of how talented they are, look no further than BeTheme. This responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme has it all. It comes with over 180 pre-made layouts with one click installation, 20 different header styles, Muffin Builder and other Visual Composer builders. What’s more, it will work seamlessly on any browser, is compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress and Gravity Forms and it boasts one of the best admin panels around. In addition to this, the latest update released brings improvements to page speed and user experience, With BeTheme creating and administering your very own website is easier than ever before. What’s more, Muffin Group has created special forums for each of their products, so you’re guaranteed custom support for any product that you purchase. And an answer to any issue you might have in 24 hours.

Jupiter business WordPress theme

A brand’s website is the first thing customers come in contact with. For a professional, sleek and trustworthy online presence, trust the Jupiter theme for a job well done. The new out of the box business WordPress theme will not only amaze you with its powerful additions and tools, it will also impress your users. This easily translates to an increased conversion rate, a lower bounce rate and higher sales. The Jupiter theme has been around for a while. Its newest version promises to be faster, better and more impressive than ever. With more than 30,000 customers, the team behind Jupiter have enhanced their product by implementing new features: photo albums, pricing table builders, shape dividers, gradient titles and buttons are small touches that will separate your website from the million others out there. Join the community of Jupiter users that includes celebrities, free lancers, sport stars, enterprises and more. Launching a site can seem daunting. The new Jupiter business theme is here to make it easy for you to showcase your content by offering around the clock support that will be happy to assist you with any issue.


If you’re looking for high resolution photographs for your website, you’re looking for Unsplash. This website provides you with hundreds of beautiful images that are completely free to use. Every 10 days, 10 new photographs are uploaded to Unsplash and available for anyone who wants to copy, reproduce or modify them and use them on their website.


A user-friendly add-on that will transform your PowerPoint into a wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile, and desktop apps, PowerMockup has an appealing design and an intuitive interface. Without having to learn a whole new software, you will be able to draw up user interface ideas from your first try in just a few minutes. The efficient PowerMockup allows you to easily refine your designs on the spot, even if you are in a meeting. PowerMockup’s Library holds hundreds of elements that will make your presentations one of a kind. You can even add your own shapes or elements to the library and export or import them if you decide to share your ideas with others. PowerMockup is amazing for creating wireframes, it has a small learning curve and is highly accessible. Get creative and work on your projects without leaving PowerPoint. This wireframe toolkit has smart shapes and a quick search feature, which is probably why it is being used by Amazon, HP and Samsung.


Excel spreadsheets are great for many things, but if you want to keep a neat and updated history of your employees’ leave time, we have a better solution for you. actiPLANS is an efficient planning tool that will get rid of excessive and unnecessary paperwork. actiPLANS will enable you to keep track of every leave time and paid time off with ease. Whether you’re a manager or an employee, you will benefit from using this tool. Managers can easily approve or reject leave time requests with a single click. All requested and approved leave time requests are automatically appear on a shared chart showing available resources. actiPLANS mobile app also allows informing your colleagues when you are running late or leaving early. Eliminate distracting calls and emails.


CloudCart is an eCommerce website builder that will have your online store up and running in 30 seconds. All you have to do is follow these steps: register an account, choose a template, add your products and you’re ready to go. But the benefits CloudCart offers you don’t stop there. You get an easy to use website builder that allows you to change your website as you see fit and no transaction fees. CloudCart ensures that all your incomes come directly to you. All you need to pay to CloudCart is a small monthly subscription. What’s more, the team over at CloudCart is always working to bring new features to CloudCart and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labors with no additional cost. In case you have any questions or you run into any problems, contact CloudCart’s support system. They ensure 24/7 support that will always find a solution for all of your needs.


Win 12 months of free online store with CloudCart


Sure, your form may not seem like the most important part of your website to you, but trust us, it will mean a lot to your users. Therefore, think about investing some time into creating a form that will help them and you and pick Wufoo to help you. This web-based application allows you to create your form via a drag and drop UX and it takes care of creating everything else it needs to keep it up and running. What’s more, it will provide you with analytics to help you monitor the forms result and make reports on the collected data

Flat Icons

Wondering how to make your website or app stand out from the others? Pay close attention to the little things, like icons. Flat Icons offers one of the best selections of icons around. Their flat design ensures that they are both elegant and easy to integrate into any project. Flat Icons has a number of icon bundles that will surely add value to your design. These icons are created with love and passion and will surely make your project memorable. In addition to this, the bundles of icons contain vector files that will enable you to adjust the size of the icons without any loss in quality. The icons come in a number of formats, including AI, ESP, SVG or PNG. Take a look at Flat Icon’s freebies section to get a first look at the resources you could be working with.


Meet the new Magento extensions. They will help you and your store get faster and better than you’ve ever imagined it’s possible. How does the magic work? The brains behind the Magento modules is SwissupLabs. Made up of dedicated and passionate members, the team has many years of experience under its belt that they’ve put to good use. They have come up with 23 sales boosting solutions that will increase your conversion rate and win you hundreds of loyal and happy customers. The various tools target website performance by making everything more intuitive. The users’ shopping experience is also immensely enhanced, helping your visitors to truly enjoy the entire process and return to your store for more purchases. The Ajax Search and Autocomplete extension is a useful tool that will allow your users to view suggested items as soon as they type the first letter in the search bar. Even more, this tool is fully configurable through the admin interface, giving you complete control over your users’ experience.


If you have to juggle with dozens of projects at the same time, you probably have to pull double shifts or even all-nighters just to cope with the workload. How are you supposed to keep track of the hours you are spending working? The answer is now simple: actiTIME. A useful time tracking software, actiTIME will make sure you stick to the budget and always know when to expect the next deadline. Intuitive, efficient and appealing, actiTIME is packed with features that will come in handy both for small teams and larger firms. Whether you’re working from the office or you’re at a business lunch, you can use actiTIME anytime, anywhere. The mobile time tracking app will help you keep tabs on time on the go without breaking a sweat. Make the most of the weekly timesheets and add personal comments. Used worldwide, actiTIME is a ground breaking software that will make everything easier for you.

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