8 Awesome HTML5 and Javascript Effects

8 Awesome HTML5 and Javascript Effects

8 Awesome HTML5 and Javascript Effects


Here we go again, hot from oven, brand new impressive chrome experiments. HTML5 and Javascript have been doing really well in creating all sort of cool animation and effect, however make sure you use chrome, or the latest firefox to view them.

  • WebGL Globe The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization. We encourage you to copy the code, add your own data, and create your own.
  • Nebula Particle System Eye Candy . Designed to test the performance of WebGL. Uses Additive blending to give a nice glowy effect.
  • Particle Playground Use your mouse to interact with the particles on the screen! BE BOLD. Try some crazy stuff. There is much more there than what you might see at first glance.
  • Crazy Tentacles You can move your mouse around and click to clear the canvas.
  • Tron Tank The Tank Program from the 1981 Disney motion picture "Tron"
  • Photo Particle I wondered what would happen if I broke an image down into particles, and had three centres: red, green and blue. Each particle would be attracted to or repulsed by the centres depending on how much of each component colour they contain.
  • Typographic Effects Inner and outer-shadows, Stereoscopy (3D), Rainbow-Neon Glow, and many other interesting text/vector-effects that can be created with .
  • Surface A water-like surface onto which you can drop your photos. You can toggle raindrops on or off, and you can use your mouse to disturb the surface

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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