10 Beautiful jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins

10 Beautiful jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins

10 Beautiful jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins


Calendar is one of the famous form element. It helps to reduce human error. Instead of letting users type the date in certain format, you let them choose it from a calendar. It solves formatting problem, and it's user friendly and easy to understand.

So, here we go, 10 jQuery and MooTool Calendar Plugins and some of them are really really well designed and skined.



MooTool Framework

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Thu, 10th September 2009
Very nice, thank's for the list Reply
Thu, 10th September 2009
Que bacano muy buena lista. Reply
Commander Selvam
Thu, 10th September 2009
Thanks for sharing list calendar plugins
Angel Gonzalez
Thu, 10th September 2009
Justo lo que necesitaba.
Gracias. Reply
Tue, 29th September 2009
I was thinking to write about this and you already had written...anyways good write up Reply
Tue, 29th September 2009
I like the Full Calendar most. This is what I am looking to replace my Google calendar in my website. Thanks alot. Reply
Niels Kristiansen
Sun, 1st November 2009
Thanks for this awesome list, very useful for my choice of calendar Reply
Tue, 20th April 2010
good Reply
Sat, 12th June 2010
Tue, 10th August 2010

i like all jQuery date picker.i have also some collections of jQuery colander or jQuery date picker. Please see here:-


Steven Du
Sun, 15th August 2010
We are working on a jquery based event calendar with month/week/daily view, which is call wdCalendar. It is very simple to to integrate wdCalendar with a database. You may download it at our web site:www.web-delicious.com. Reply
Tue, 5th October 2010
bonjour Reply
webdesign Bangkok
Tue, 12th October 2010
I have used this Jquery UI calender and think it is the best out of the bunch. I am working on my won right now and should be up in a week or 2. Reply
Thu, 11th October 2012
how can i use it... Reply
Thu, 13th January 2011
Great list, thanks! I picked the Full Calendar and it works fantastic! Reply
DCS Solution
Thu, 14th April 2011
Hi, check out our jQuery Event Calendar: http://www.dcs-solution.com/blog/?p=22#more-22 Reply
Fri, 15th April 2011
Please check our our new jquery event calendar. It's totally free and open source.
http://www.web-delicious.com/jquery-events-calendar-wdcalendar/. Reply
Tue, 7th June 2011
DCS Solution has the best Calendar I've seen with jQuery, ever. Hands down. Very nice work you guys have done there, and big props for contributing to the community and making it open source. Companies like you make web development fun for people like me, and because you've made it fun - you've enabled me to find a job I love. No joke. Lots of credit to all you open source developers, you're helping the world! Reply
Thu, 11th August 2011
thank you so much .. Reply
Tue, 7th February 2012
Another addition to your list - dhtmlxScheduler, a framework independent JavaScript event calendar:
http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxScheduler/ Reply
Mon, 19th March 2012
I need a calendar like unavailabee dates strike with cross mark. pls any one give the link or idea
.Thanks. Reply
Sat, 14th April 2012
nothing to say... Reply
Wed, 25th April 2012
Hi, is there a way to integrate fullcalendar month to jquery weekcalendar? i like jquery weekcalendar the best but it doesnt have Month view.. that is why i want to integrate fullcalendar to it without affecting weekcalendar's current functionality. THank you Reply
Fri, 27th April 2012
I’ve used this one http://teddevito.com/demos/calendar.php on http://teddevito.com/demos/calendar.php (after some modifieng for holland). On the Mac it works, but not under Windows. Why? Your original works on both... Reply
Mon, 19th August 2013
I would also recommend http://w3widgets.com/responsive-calendar/ a very nice jQuery calendar widget plugin Reply

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