6 Typography Wordpress Plugins for Your Blog: Improve Readability and Create Better User Experience

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Apr 2011
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The popularity of Wordpress as a blogging platform is not hidden from anyone, not because it allows a blogger to reach the target audience in a simple and convenient way but because it enables them to take advantage of its numerous Plug-ins and so many other features. Wordpress Plug-ins are used for different functionalities that can enhance the overall quality of a blog and one can find different types of Plug-ins to fulfill the specific needs.

As readability is an important factor for a blog to be liked and frequented by the visitors, in this write-up, we will discuss about some of the excellent Typography Wordpress plug-ins that can help to improve the same. If you feel these plugins sounds too difficult after reading this article, you can always check out a free website to help develop your website development skills.

Wordpress Typography Plug-ins to increase readability

  • WP Typography Spacing Control and Hyphenation features of WP TypographyIt is an efficient plug-in to improve the typographical elements of a blog with features to control spacing, improve hyphenation and character replacement. Using this plug-in, you can also work with CSS hooks for styling uppercase words, numbers, etc.
  • After the Deadline Grammatical and Spelling mistakes are strictly to be avoided in the content if a blogger wishes to create a positive impression among the visitors. This plug-in provides the required help and checks style, spelling and grammar for any error using artificial intelligence. It is quite a useful plug-in as visitors like to read content free from such errors.
  • WP Google Fonts It is another excellent plug-in from Wordpress that allows making use of Google Font directory to add a variety of fonts to a WP blog. As Fonts contribute in a major way to make the content look good and readable, the plug-in by allowing multiple choices is definitely better to use.
  • Drop Caps Sometimes a small thing can lend a distinctive flair. This plug-in is based on this principle and allows adding drop caps to posts, pages as well as comments on the blog. It provides the flexibility to select the places to put drop caps on, say a particular post or category. The best part is that it just requires a short code to add a drop cap.
  • AnyFont AnyFont is a highly useful plug-in which makes it easy to replace standard fonts with any TrueType or OpenType fonts at desired places on the blog or site. Some of its noticeable features are:
    • Effective Font manager
    • Character Map to check the availability of characters for every font
    • Has effective Style management which helps in creation and application of different styles
    • Allows ability to replace menus, post titles, page titles, widget titles, etc with SEO friendly images
  • Options Framework Who would not like to have a number of options to do the required things? This plug-in comes handy as it allows a variety of options related to typography, color, background, images, text, etc. No longer are developers required to create an options panel for this plug-in from the beginning as Options Framework provides the framework for theme options.

Thus in order to deliver a content that visitors enjoy reading, a blogger can make use of the above mentioned plug-ins on his/her Wordpress blog. By enhancing the readability, they help create a better experience for the visitors of the blog.

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