32 Amazing Mini vCard Websites with Slick Javascript Animation

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Aug 2009
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This is something new, I believe some of us may not even realized there are getting more and more people design vcard website. I able to to find 30 of them, and including mine. :)

Most of them are having a same features - they are all using javascript animation like sliding, fading and tab navigation. I present you 30 amazing Mini vcard websites with slick javascript animation. Enjoy.


My vCard

Thanks for the inspirations from all the following websites. I managed to create one for myself. I made a futuristic design with dark wooden background and jQuery for the animation.

vCard Collection


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HullDO 15 years ago
Great collection, I especially like the simple design but good functionality.
FireDart 15 years ago
That's a nice effect. Thanks for all the examples.
Not2comply 15 years ago
Awesome designs. Truly personal without looking unprofessional.
surfer66 15 years ago
Interesting. Thanks.
Free JavaScript Code 15 years ago
very cool & good collection, thank you very much for sharing.

Can I share this collection on my JavaScript target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.javascriptbank.com/">JavaScript library?

Awaiting your response. Thank
Henry 15 years ago
Great! Generated some ideas from this. Thanks
Oliver 15 years ago
Very great designs. Sometimes are good things small in our networld.
Peter Hellberg 15 years ago
Thanks for featuring my card site! :) (This blog post was the second largest traffic source this month)
Alexia 15 years ago
There too nice syte www.mons.ws with using jQuery
Daniel Kurdoghlian 15 years ago
nice collection - but i think my vcard page is missing (and worth a look) :p
Rom 15 years ago
wow nice... i like to make one...hehe
studio-cs 15 years ago
Nice! Inspires me to have one.
R.yadav 15 years ago
How to create tis Vcard for my Blog