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Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Jan 2018
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How much time do you spend on photo retouching? All professional retouchers will agree that Lightroom presets are irreplaceable when it comes to speeding up your workflow. Unfortunately, free LR presets are extremely difficult to find on the web. Many websites require registration or money in exchange for these Lightroom filters. Here are 26 bundles of FREE Lightroom presets for different photography styles, which you can receive on your email without signing in and free.

B&W Lightroom Presets

This bundle of black and white Lightroom presets is best suited for portrait photography. The settings of this pack make black and white color correction natural on any picture.

Sepia Lightroom Presets

These amazing free Lightroom presets look good on portraits, wedding, street and landscape photography. They will give your images rich sepia tone, instead of a yellow aged one.

Lightroom Cross Process Presets

The 10 cross processing Lightroom filters work especially well with portraits. They boost saturation and drastically change color balance. Highly recommended for summer photos outdoors.

Top Lightroom Presets for Weddings

Free Lightroom presets for weddings can be used not only in wedding but also in fashion and portrait photography. They will enhance the beauty of your bridal and family images as well as create soft and cheerful vibe by focusing on white balance, adjusting highlights and shadows.

Matte Lightroom Presets

These professional Lightroom presets are extremely versatile and can be used to edit any photography style. They wash out the colors, reduce contrast, add soft light to give a vintage look.

Pastel Lightroom Presets

These Adobe presets look especially good on wedding, newborn, fashion and portrait photography. They soften the colors without distorting them, bump up highlights creating tender atmosphere

Best Free Lightroom Presets of 2017

This bonus bundle is a collection of top Lightroom presets of the previous year made. They target all the photo settings and effect which were popular in 2017: from vibrance and saturation to shadows and highlights.

Best Lightroom Presets for Weddings of 2017

The collection includes top Lightroom presets for weddings which were used by FixThePhoto’s team in 2017. The LR plugins saturate the photos, add soft tints, subtle hues to breath life into the photos of the special day.

Fashion Lightroom Presets

This bundle consists of the best Lightroom presets for photographers working in the sphere of fashion. It offers advanced color correction, making the pictures bright and the details distinct. These settings can be used for advertising and commercial portrait photography.

Landscape presets for Lightroom

These Adobe Lightroom presets free are perfect for nature photography. They can adjust the image’s exposition and tones, boost contrast, emphasize the landscape’s details, which are very important for this photography style.

Lightroom Presets Sunrise

This collection of free Lightroom presets for photographers enhance the pictures made during sunrise. It suits for any photos taken outdoors and filled with natural lighting. These Lightroom plugins offer various techniques to underline natural light and beauty: adding pastel colors, grain, producing slightly faded or split toning effect.

Lightroom Sunset Presets

The bundle consists of top 10 Lightroom presets for sunset photography. They work best with outdoor photography, portraits, wedding and love story photos. The LR plugins bring out the deep tones, saturate the photos with soft colors, clarifies them and increases the contrast.

Urban Cityscape Lightroom Presets

These are top rated Lightroom presets used for urban photography, which help capture the atmosphere of a lively city. The results are incredible: the dynamic range is increased, important areas are emphasized and the sharpness is boosted

Lightroom Preset Street Photography

These presets for Lightroom are designed to apply to street photography. The bundle includes LR settings that work for day and night photography alike: some of them produce juicy colors, bright shades, others offer a desaturated vintage look.

Top Lightroom Presets for Newborn Photography

Lightroom presets for newborn photography reduce shadows and saturation, implement warm highlights, sharpen the contrast, keeping all the details intact.

Lightroom Presets for Portraits

These top free portrait Lightroom presets look good on all kinds of portraits. The effects include brightening and sharpening the model’s features, expanding the color range, and smoothing out the skin.

Lightroom Film Presets

Free professional Lightroom presets that produce film-like effect will suit a wide specter of genres: from candid to fashion photography. Film plugins choose the right color and grain settings, toning down the colors and boosting granularity.

WarmLightroom Presets

This collection of free Lightroom presets for photography will work well with the majority of photography genres. They produce a split toning effect, add warm and clean colors, while still keeping them clear and distinct.

Cool Lightroom Presets

These free presets for Lightroom CC are made for editing portrait, nature and wedding photography. They add cool tones, saturate the photo making it more expressive and dramatic.

High Contrast Lightroom Preset

These free photography presets are suited for all photography genres. They work equally well both on black and white and colored photos. This bundle brings dim photos back to life by boosting contrast and brightness.

Lightroom Dark Presets

This collection consists of the best free Lightroom presets for portraits, but its LR plugins work equally good with fashion and landscape images. They include lots of unique retouching options and create a moody atmosphere by darkening the highlights, creating deep visible contrast, and increasing the warmth.

Car Photography Lightroom Presets

These Lightroom presets are designed specifically for car photography. The bundle offers you a wide spectrum of LR effects to make your photos look professional and dramatic: HDR, Film, Matte, Black and White.

Lightroom HDR Presets

Adobe Lightroom presets HDR work really well with architectural, cityscape and landscape photography. The plugins do their job perfectly: they bring out every little detail, bump contrast, introduce saturated colors, while still preserving the natural look.

Lightroom Nightclub Presets

They enhance the photos made in nightclubs. This pack copes with the problem of poor lighting. It creates dramatic tones, washes out the shadows, increases sharpness as well as vibrance.

Vintage Lightroom Presets

This collection introduces us to top free photo Lightroom presets designed for old-fashioned photography. These Lightroom presets achieve the retro look by lowering saturation and vibrance, making the pictures appear slightly faded.

Fall Lightroom Presets

These 10 best Lightroom presets free have been created to enhance autumn photography. This bundle makes a number of color palette adjustments to accentuate a fall’s colors and offers incredible color grading.

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