Game Development: The Process that Converts Sweat and Coffee into Fun

Written by Kevin Liew on 19 Oct 2015
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Many of you might think that game development is an easy task. Well, you might reconsider if you ever try to build your own. You know the meme about how programmers convert caffeine to code. Game developers have an even harder task - their end product has to be not just functional, but entertaining as well.

And game development is a complex process that involves a series of people working together toward a common goal: designers, editors, voice actors and so on.

Even blackjack, a straightforward game with clear rules that you can easily learn, is a complex thing to build. Blackjack, as simple as it sounds, has a series of different variants which all share the same basic rules. To learn more about them, you can head over to the games at the Royal Vegas online casino website - you'll find most usual (and some unusual) versions there you can try. You can play them free, but - given its nature - the Royal Vegas will also give you the chance to to try your luck - and skill - for real. As a further incentive, the Royal Vegas will also offer you a series of bonuses and other benefits, like deposit matches and other special offers. Not to mention its summer promotion, which gives all Royal Vegas players the chance to win a week-long cruise on the Caribbean.

Even for a game as simple as blackjack there is a lot of planning, coding and testing to do. First of all, the game developers need to ensure the game itself is completely random, but take into account its rules. Blackjack uses a number of card decks, each with 52 cards. The game needs to shuffle these cards and deal them out to the players in an order that's not pre-determined in any way. Gaming portals like the Royal Vegas use complex random number generators (often with dedicated hardware) to assure the fairness of the game. For an individual game it all has to be carefully coded.

Look is also important, and so is user interaction. A game of blackjack has to be as similar as a real life table at a Las Vegas casino as possible, to ensure that the player has a veritable, immersive experience. No matter if it runs on a phone or a desktop computer with a huge screen attached, the game has to have the same crisp, realistic graphic interface, and has to handle player interactions quickly and correctly.

As you can see, building a game that works - both literally and figuratively - it needs the work of several talented, educated people, and buckets of sweat (and tons of caffeine). It's not as simple a task as many of you imagine.

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