8 Awesome HTML5 Website Showcase

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Mar 2012
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HTML5 has been with us for a while now and we have seen a lot of crazy stuff, another crazy stuff. How about some latest development of using HTML5 technology along with Javascript and CSS in website and web application design? Here in this post, we found 8 awesome HTML5 websites that will simply blow you away!

Worth to be mentioned is Nike's Air Jordan website. You all should have seen NikeBetterWorld parallax scrolling, well, that's old school because in the latest design, they brought the parallax scrolling to a whole new level!

Also, draw stick man, the awesome interactive website which require your awesome drawing skill to finish the whole story, now in episode II! :)

Lastly, I like the "Believe in" website, minimal design and beautiful animated gif illustrations, simply gorgeous! Web design and development industry are simply amazing.

  • Draw Stick Man IIDraw Stick Man IIIf you kept yourself updated with Interactive implementation of HTML5, you should have seen the stickman website. However, this is Draw Stick Man The Second Episode!
  • Air Jordan 2012
    Nike did it again. After NikeBetterWorld website, they push the parallax effect to a whole new level. It's brilliant and simply outstanding!
  • Agent 8 BallAgent 8 BallA web-based 8 Ball game with missions.
  • Cut the RopeCut the RopeThis can be easily be the most awesome implementation of HTML5. Cut the tope is a famous and addictive game originally from iOS platform. It works perfectly in IE10.
  • Shave GuardShave GuardA campaign of men's shaving product in Australia.
  • DrumletDrumletA web-based drum box.
  • The Restart PageThe Restart PageThis would remind you of the good ol' day. All sort of restart, reboot screen from different versions of operating systems.
  • Believe in...

    Beautiful scrolling website with well-illustrated animated gif. Simply Minimal and beautiful.
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David 12 years ago
good post thanks for sharing !
KSRUprai 12 years ago
Rob Admin 12 years ago
I would add this recent all HTML5 based game from mozilla: http://browserquest.mozilla.org/
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