15 Great Ways to Get Your Website-Building Projects Off to a Great Start

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Jan 2019
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When planning to a website for your business, your initial focus is on your site’s overall appearance. Making that vision a reality is also on your mind.

To get the best possible results you need the right CMS to work with. Supplement it with a website-building toolkit that has everything you need. You will be able to create the pixel-perfect high-performance website you have in mind.

The highly-popular WordPress CMS platform will manage your site administration needs. Your WordPress theme choice(s) will provide the website-building design tools you need.

Premium WP themes like these we’ve recommended here will get the job done. There are multipurpose or specialty themes. And, a theme that adds a feature to a website other themes seldom address.

Starting with:

1. Be Theme

Be Theme

BeTheme justifiably bills itself as the biggest theme ever with its 40 powerful core features and its huge selection of more than 400 professionally-designed, customizable pre-built websites. This premium multipurpose WordPress theme is not only a great investment for experienced web designers serving a diverse clientele, but it’s also an excellent choice for less experienced designers since it has the tools they need and is easy to use.

The pre-built websites cover more than 30 different website styles and industry sectors and can be customized to satisfy the needs of any business niche, no matter how insanely unique it may be.

Be Theme’s Muffin Builder and Admin Panel make up a powerful combination of design tools. Add to them the new Header Builder, shortcodes, grid and layout options and a ton of design elements, options, and special effects and you can understand why this is easily the biggest WordPress theme of them all. Be Theme offers a great way to get your 2019 website design projects off to a great start.

2. Jupiter X

Jupiter X

Jupiter X provides a powerful set of tools for building any type or kind of website.  This fast, lightweight WordPress theme also enables its users to customize their website designs down to the smallest details while at the same time giving those users total control over how they go about their design efforts at both the global and in-page design element levels.

Jupiter X makes all aspects of the website design process including the ability to design headers and footers from scratch, the ability to customize heretofore untouchable parts of a WooCommerce shop with the Shop Customizer, and to completely change the look of blog lists, portfolio lists, and single page blogs.

Getting a web design project off to a fast start is also an easy task thanks to Jupiter X’s library of irresistibly beautiful ready-made website templates.

3. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode’s authors realized early on that the best way to create a theme that would allow designers to create pixel-perfect high-performance websites would be to embed those same and similar desirable features in the theme itself. They accomplished this by paying careful attention to every detail during the design process – as the results indicate.

Using any of Uncode’s 30+ customizable design concepts as a starting point, you can then begin to apply this theme’s hierarchical options, adaptive grid and image systems, slide or snap scroll features and other design elements. A specially tailored version of the Visual Composer page builder will help you as you proceed, as will Uncode’s WooCommerce features and professionally-designed layouts.

The list of Uncode’s features is in fact much longer, but you can take a shortcut and checkout the showcase of user-created websites to see what this WordPress theme can do for you.

4. Avada


Avada’s professionally crafted demos will assist you in getting your projects off to a fast start, and the tools this WordPress theme features, together with the virtually unlimited number of design options, will keep your momentum going until you reach your goal.

Avada has been a number 1 bestselling theme for the past five years; a trend that seems likely to continue.

5. The Gem

The Gem

TheGem gives you a robust platform upon which you can put into action this WordPress theme’s amazing selection of website-building tools; a toolkit that more than a few have come to look upon as “a Swiss Army knife” of web design and development tools.

This WordPress theme’s 200 demos and 70+ design concepts provide both starting points and inspiration for any project you may have in mind.

6.Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

To create a website for a specialty niche you’ll usually do a better job of it by using a theme that’s specifically designed for the task. That’s the case with Houzez, a specialty WordPress theme for realtors and real estate agencies.

Houzez’ advanced search and listings features, property management system, and online payment gateways are but a few of the features you’ll find in this 100% responsive, highly-customizable theme.

7. Cesis | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Cesis | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

What does it take to make the “smartest” WordPress theme on the market? Maybe its features that make it ever so quick and easy to build templates, headers, and footers with a little help from a premium frontend editor.

A valuable selection of pre-made customizable demos added to the mix along with fast performance, SEO and WooCommerce readiness, and excellent support might just seal the deal – and Cesis provides all these features and more.

8. Podcast Master

Podcast Master

Podcast Master’s modern design, drag and drop functionality, and 200+ customizable options provide everything you’ll need for effortless and efficient podcasting. No coding is required to set up your website or remote hosting podcast.

Podcast Master is 100% responsive, WooCommerce compatible, and compatible with Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Simplecast, and the other major hosting platforms.

9. Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Grenada – Creative Ajax Portfolio Showcase Slider Theme

Grenada’s approach to creating portfolios is quite different from most any other WordPress theme, and it’s proved to be an extremely effective way to create portfolio designs that competitors will find extremely difficult if not impossible to replicate.

The secret, in brief lies, in Grenada’s use of a set of portfolio sliders and an Ajax page load feature. Grenada is also 100% responsive and Gutenberg compatible.

10. Enfold


A WordPress theme that has all the tools you need is a good one to have. A theme that’s easy to work with for pros and beginners alike is even better.

With Enfold, the only skill you need is your own creativity; even there, Enfold’s selection of demos, design options, and interactive elements can be a great help.

11. Pofo


Any business person knows, or is quick to discover, how important a high-quality online portfolio is to the business’s success; and creating high-quality, professional-looking portfolios is what Pofo does best.

The Ajax page load feature ensures your portfolio website will feature lightning-fast performance and Pofo’s portfolio sliders all but guarantee an enthusiastic visitor response. The Pofo WordPress theme is 100% responsive, supports background video, and is WordPress 5.x compatible.

12. ForumPress


Forum design features and functionality are rarely encountered in WordPress themes, and even if a plugin is available, setting up a workable forum can be a difficult task.

With ForumPress, a user forum can be set up in seconds, after which you can easily do the necessary tweaking to match your brand and the needs of your user community. ForumPress is powered by the bbPress plugin.

13. Leadinjection – Landing Page Theme

Leadinjection – Landing Page Theme

Even if you build but one website, it’s almost inevitable you’ll have to make additions or changes at some point after it’s up and running, which can be a chore. The difficulty in making changes or adding landing pages only multiplies when you’re responsible for maintaining several sites.

Leadinjection takes care of the problem for you by creating and attaching new landing pages or lead capture forms a quick and easy task.

14. Schema


SEO design is not a skill that comes naturally, and many web designers rely more on hope than anything else that their sites will get the traffic they hope for. With Schema in your toolbox, SEO is a piece of cake since this WP theme guides search engines through your site a content element at a time to help them find what they’re looking for.

Schema also checks page load time and other features important for search engine rankings.

15. Neve


Building both a well-designed site and getting it up and running quickly is complicated. Fine craftsmanship can be a slow process unless you have the right tools available.

This is a new WordPress theme that uses a minimalist approach to help you meet both of these objectives. Choose between Neve’s pre-built demos that you can install with one click, put the latest WordPress block editor to work, and away you go.


Selecting what you need from this list of premium WordPress themes should be easy. What’s best for you may depend on whether you’re new at web design or an experienced designer. In either case, a multipurpose theme could serve you well.

If it’s a specialty theme you need, you might find the exact solution to your needs here. In any event, the only difficulty your apt to encounter is having to find what is the best theme – when all of them are!

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