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Written by Kevin Liew on 29 Nov 2009
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  • 10 New Tools and Resources for Developers and Designers
    Great and easy-to-use tools and resources are always nice to have .Here we have put together some great tools and resources which developers and designers can use to accomplish their web development and design project. These tools not only make your job easier, but they have the ability to improve the quality of work as well.
  • 25 Online CSS Compressors To Optimize Your Styles
    We all know that sometimes our CSS style sheets can really get big, especially if we are coding large websites with lots of pages and sections. That’s where CSS compressors jump in to optimize them properly.
  • 25+ Awesome Websites to Make Funny Pictures Online
    The presence of many online tools and applications makes it very easy and also fun to play with your images(not necessarily) or with your friends. The best part of these websites is that most of them are free to access, and you do not even need any technical knowledge to operate.
  • Popular Social Networking Tools for Freelancers
    The financial storm has hit the world’s economy badly and resulted in massive job layoffs, falling stock rates, bankruptcies, social unrest etc. In such financial disquiet, getting business is a challenge for both SMBs and individual freelancers. As the economy continues to run in a downward spiral, the one smart way out is to try something new, something innovative.
  • How to make a website: the only 8 tools you need to make websites
    Unlike many unorganized and unhelpful huge lists of tools, here is a special list for beginners, with only the 8 best web design tools chosen!
  • 4 Free SVN Clients for Mac OSX
    Here is a list of 4 Free SVN clients available on Mac OSX. I couldn't find one that integrates in OSX's Finder though; some time ago I wrote a post about SCPlugin, which integrates with the Finder right-click a-là Tortoise. For all of you looking into something more complete and free... Here is something ready to download! - ZigVersion - Bazaar - SubCommander - RapidSVN
  • 34 cheat sheets for web designers and developers
    A cheat sheet is a printable guide of a particular programming language, software or framework. A web designer spends most of his design time to move around different softwares environment and it becomes really hard to memorize the shortcuts and hot keys for each environment.
  • 7 Stripe Generators That You Can Use Online
    We all know that there are virtually dozens of online generators for almost every possible task you can think of. Amongst those tools, we also have stripe generators which are often easy to use and give quick results. If you need a background image with stripes, and you need it quickly, there is probably no better and faster way to make it than to use one of those generators.
  • 83 Awesome Firefox Add-ons every Web Designer must have!
    We all know that Firefox is the best browser for web designers. One thing that makes Firefox so special is quality of its unique add-ons. That's why I carefully selected and organized the best 83 add-ons for you!
  • Top 10 Article Submission Sites
    If you have great articles about website design, graphic design, or anything design related but no one ever sees the content, does it count as great content? If you have great articles but people do not see them then you need to get your content published on more popular websites, websites with news content feeds. In this article we show you our Top 10 choices for your article submissions.
  • 5 Free Web Services To Monitor Website
    No one can monitor his website or server 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and you would not like to be the last one to know about the downtime of your site or server.
  • 21 Best CAPTCHAs: Bloggers Boon & Spammers Bane
    Do you know about “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” terminology? If you are a blogger then you must have used this in your various projects, while designing a contact form, login form or any other type of registration forms.
  • 12 Extremely Handy Online Tools for Web designers and Developers
    Here is a list of useful online generator for web design and development. They are small web applications but can easily save up large amount of times and efforts. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.
  • Five Popular Online Billing and Invoicing Tools for Freelancers
    Once you have completed the project or achieved a milestone, the first thing that comes to your mind is sending invoice or a bill to the buyer for your services. Sending an accurate and a timely invoice means fast encashment of your payment.
  • 21 Prototyping, Mockup, and Wireframing Tools for iPhone App Development
    There are many different types of tools available to developers, from low-tech stencil kits to high-tech collaborative software. So I've rounded up a few of the more popular ones people are using specifically for iPhone development. It's far from being the definitive list, but it's definitely a good place to start.
  • 80 Useful Tools and Resources Freelancers Can Make Use Of
    The World Wide Web offers a wide range of websites; blogs, tools and resources that can help a freelancer improve his productivity and business online. We have compiled a huge list of useful resources and tools, hoping you can make use of all or some of them.
  • 30 Free Online Tools to Test Your Website
    Testing is one thing that you cannot afford to take lightly. The reason being simple, just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents , the same way a small error left unnoticed can prove to be fatal for your website.
  • 111 Sites To Submit Your Design Related Articles
    I know you can find some posts about submitting your design related articles to various blogs but i think this is one of the biggest collection
  • 12 Domain Name Auction Sites for Webmasters
    In this post I am sharing few good sites to help web masters to auction their old domains at a good value. Following list includes famous sites like Sedo, Afternic, Bido, GoDaddy, DomainAuctions and NameSeek etc.
  • 10 Free Tools & Resources to Find Icons For Your Website
    Icons make your site look aesthetically pleasing and can be even used to convey useful messages to your audience, which otherwise would require a long phrase or sentence. S
  • Tools required to Develop a Wordpress Plugin
    Developing Wordpress Plugins is not always an easy job. It brings a number of challenges that you will need to overcome. Wordpress uses PHP and provides an API with its own functions.
  • 10 Utile Resources For Web Designers and Developers
    In this post I am going to share some very useful resources for web designers and developers. This includes Snipplr, UserCake, MockFlow, JQuery Max Image, Ecsstender and Bestwebframeworks etc.
  • 10 Free Online Image Resizing Tools For Designers
    A bunch of free Online Image Resizing Tools that help to resize images in a jiffy. A must read for designers and web weavers. Make use of these hand tools to save time resizing images.
  • 18 Mobile Frameworks and Development Tools for Creating iPhone Apps
    The world of iPhone application development is evolving rapidly, and developers have a growing list of development tools from which to choose. I've created a list (incomplete I'm sure) of some of the more popular tools and frameworks.
  • 50 Open Source Tools For Web Designers
    A collection of 50 Open Source Tools dedicated to web designers. This set consisits of Editors, Graphic Manipulation Programs, FTP Applications, Coding Tools and much more that ever Web Designer longs for. Try out these Open source Versions and make a difference.
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