Test Your HTML And CSS with Super Markup World Game

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Mar 2016
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Have a little time to kill? Do you want to test your HTML and CSS skills? We have a little HTML5 game for you - Super Markup World.

Super Markup World's graphic resemble the classic Super Mario Bros from the 8 Bit era. Instead of rescuing princess from the badass turtle, you will be on the mission to rescue a friend called Pixella (Your name is Pixel). Also, forget about jumping around, fireballs from man-eater flowers, turtle. What you get is cliff, and you need to use HTML and CSS codes to build bridges to solve obstables.


Pixel and Pixella live in the Super Markup World which was created by the great architect Markup Polo.

On a beautiful sunny day when Pixel and Pixella visited the mountainous region of Divland ...

... the evil architect Badacss has collapsed all the mountains! Pixella somehow evaded the disaster using a hyperlink tag.

But now Pixel and Pixella are separated!

It is up to you, Pixel, to find Pixella and destroy badacss.

Hint: As a web developer, very often, when I see interesting website, I'll use built-in web inspector. Yes, I admit it, I'm a lazy person and I skipped the level by changing the level value in localStorage. But I did finish the last level by typing in code though.

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