NBN Uncovered: Find the Best Plan

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Aug 2019
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The National Broadband Network brings super-fast broadband to nearly all Australians. The challenge for many is finding an NBN plan that fits their needs. Here are a few tips for finding the best broadband network for your particular situation. 


If your neighborhood has been connected to NBN, you’ll receive a letter notifying you. You’ll then have eighteen months to select the right plan for your family’s needs. You really can’t choose an NBN plan before then. However, you can begin researching your options in preparation for the day you’re hooked up. 

Your Bandwidth Needs 

There are several ways this can impact you. You have to consider how much data you need. For example, you don’t need as much data to share social media posts and the occasional selfie as someone downloading movies and live-streaming. Another factor to consider is the speed you’re willing to pay for. This may not matter if you’re sending emails and text messages, but it matters if you’re playing online games or remotely connected to a work computer. 


Some people think you can just pick a provider and be sorted. But all providers have different plans for data usage and price. iSelect helps can help you choose from the available NBN plans to select the right plan for you. Shop the available choices so you can find the one with the best overall value. 

Contract Length 

Suppose you’ve received a notice that you’ve been connected to NBN. You then have a deadline to find an appropriate service plan. However, the market is still evolving. You may not want to be locked into a long- term agreement with one service provider. After all, something else might come up with a cheaper monthly service or a better bundled deal. You may want a shorter-term plan, so you have the option of renewing with the current service provider or switching without penalty. A shorter contract term also lets you switch to another provider sooner, something that lets you minimise the frustration if you pick a plan with a lower speed tier or data limit than you actually need. 


This will depend on your level of technological expertise. Some people won’t want to sign up for an NBN plan that requires a new modem and installation. Nor is it a steal if you have to pay for the modem and pay yet again for tech support to install it. Research the reputation of the NBN service provider first. Are they honest in how they rate their plans based on speed level?

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