How customer contact centres move into the modern age via the cloud

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Jan 2022
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This is a sponsored article.As any form of business likely knows, the customer is always king. Ensuring a high level of customer service is key to a businesses’ success. Some might say that good customer service is more important than the product itself. With customer communication now happening primarily online, the contact centre is more important than ever for service delivery.

Many traditional contact centres operate using ageing infrastructure that reduces the quality and efficiency of their online customer communications. How can your business evolve beyond this expensive hardware and decentralised resources? Introducing: Cloud Contact Centre.

A look at the promise of cloud contact centres

Cloud contact centres are the next big step in online customer communications, replacing traditional on-premise customer service setups. This cloud based solution is designed to help a business dynamically adapt to the requirements of their customers and scale accordingly as the business expands globally.

Cloud contact centre solutions are not only useful for adding dynamic capabilities to your business. They provide tools and features that can help enhance agent performance and ultimately improve how you serve, attract and retain customers.

Choosing the right solution and setup of your cloud contact centre is key to having a functional cloud setup that can adapt to changing demands and global growth. A high-performing cloud setup needs worldwide availability and low latency with clear calls to deliver great customer service 24/7, no matter your customer agents’ location.   

Streamline and unify your customer contact operations

One of the key advantages of cloud contact centres is how it manages to streamline customer communications. A centralised cloud-based platform creates an omnichannel approach to customer communication, connecting multiple channels from anywhere in the world, whether it is via voice, text, email, website, or social media.

Cloud contact platforms let you access shared online resources that assist your customer agents in providing efficient and high-quality customer service across any communication platform. With available features such as intelligent agent queue management, customer profiling, expansive tracking and customisable CRM (see type of CRM) platforms, cloud contact centre solutions can help you ensure that the customer connects with the right agent at the right time. In return, the agent refers to shared knowledge bases and customer profiling to provide seamless access to all necessary information.          

Support a remote workforce globally

With the global challenges of recent years and the continued acceleration of cross-border operations, the way we are working and from where we are working have been further subject to changes. Luckily, the technologies available today have made remote work from practically anywhere a completely feasible solution. As the Cloud contact centre operates on cloud-based software, it is also possible for support agents to dynamically set up shop remotely with reliable cloud-hosted access to shared resources and minimal on-premise hardware requirements.    

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