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Written by Kevin Liew on 19 May 2010
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If you are a designer and create beautiful and feature rich software and web applications, you would always be in the look out for attractive icon sets. Icons are mandatory when you want to present an easy to use yet an attractive interface to the users. More importantly, specific icons relate with specific applications and in some cases, the user will judge or assume the function of a feature from the icon associated with it.

If you want to add professional icons to your designing warddrobe, look no further than Icons-Land. The website contains plenty of Stock Icons, Vector Icons, Emotions and Avatars. All of these icons are really of high quality, and using the icons at Icons-Land - you can provide a stylish and modern design to the applications you design.

Here is a brief list of some popular icon sets that Icons-Land has to offer:

The Stock icons category at Icons-land contains a list of ready made icons of weather, sports, transport, Hardware, multimedia, arrows and the like. Here are a few examples from the site:

Base Software Icon Set:

As the name implies, you can use the Base software icon set in software or web applications. Typically, these icons can be a part of the navigation menu or a toolbar or the part of an installation wizard. The most important part is that all these icons are designed in Windows Vista style so that your design keeps pace with modern design trends and presents an attractive user interface.

The package consists of 112 icons with 68 variations. All the icons are available in a wide range of sizes as 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 128x128 and 256x256. Pricing: 110 USD ($5 individual icon)

Sports Icon Set

The Sports icon set consists of icons of all the popular sports - soccer, swimming, tennis, volleyball, motorsport, chess, basketball, boxing to name a few. Here is a preview of the icon set:

This package contains 60 icons, all designed in Windows Vista style and available in PNG and ICO format. If you look at the smallest size ( 16 X 16 ), you would feel the exact depth in quality because each of these icons are hand crafted pixel by pixel, which makes them well recognizable.


If you are creating an e-store or a web application which involves sports accessories or activities, this icon set is a must use. Priced at 60 USD ($5 individual icon)

Multimedia Icon Set

Planning to develop a mobile application or something geared towards multimedia? The multimedia icon set at Icons-Lans would be a perfect fit. This icon set is targeted for media-centered software applications and includes 58 unique icons with 502 variations. Here is a preview of the icon set:

All the icons are available in .PNG formats though you can request .ICO or .ICNS formats while you place the order. Do check out other attractive icon sets in the Stock icons category at Icons-Land. This includes -Transport icons, Arrow icons, POI icons, Hardware icons, Map icons etc.

Icons-Land also have professional Vector icon sets in their inventory. Vector icons are provided in Adobe Illustrator format and are suitable for presentations, web and graphic design, brochures, printing materials, etc. Following is a preview of a vector icon set:

The vector icon sets are also deigned in Windows vista style and the average pricing is 180 USD ($15 individual icon). Check out Vector Emoticons, Vector SportVector, TransportVector, Weather and Vector POI icon sets.

Overall, Icons-Land is a one stop destination for designers who are looking for attractive icons at really affordable prices. The icons are royality free which means you can add these icons to any number of designs. And if you want a unique custom made icon set for your project, you can always request a quote

Want to hear what customers are saying about Icons-Land? Head over to the testimonial page to read the verdicts.

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really great icons. i am a big fan of icons
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This is just another great collection of icons. www.bloggerwidgets.cz.cc
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I'm a big icon fan and think it's a great way to break up text and is a massive improvement on clip-art for crissakes!!!
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i like this