The All-in-One WordPress Theme: First Impressions of the Jupiter V5

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Feb 2016
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If there were such a thing as a ‘One Size Fits All’ for WordPress theme users, the Jupiter V5 would be the perfect fit. As an avid WordPress theme explorer and enthusiast, I’ve gone through my fair share of phases over the years trying out different WP themes, scanning blogs and reviews madly, engaging in forum discussions and tracking comparisons among the top ranked themes.

In this time, of course, some themes proved to be highly functional, aesthetically engaging and even speedy. Though after purchasing the Jupiter V5 Theme, and having direct exploration and scrutiny of it, I would say you’d be hard-pressed to find a theme that offers the customisability and versatility that Jupiter V5 does. We’ll get to the ‘how’ in just a bit.

A Top-Ranking Theme Made for Users of All Backgrounds

We WordPress users are a big ‘ol motley crew including anyone from code-fluent website developers and web designers to the most prominent user group that has clearly been catered to by Jupiter V5, that is, entrepreneurs! As an entrepreneur myself with average technical skills, I oftentimes find that the magicians behind the WordPress curtains forget the needs, preferences and, most importantly, technological capability of their audience. If they were to look out, they’d see highly creative, industrious, and motivated minds scattered across a wide spectrum of sectors, but perhaps not all so well versed and even intimidated by the notion of creating their own website.

WordPress themes have the opportunity to act as a natural ally to people like me by providing for us a soapbox upon which we may voice our vision. Though the creators of Jupiter V5 have gone one step further to create a playground, no, a theme park filled with what seems like an endless variety of toys and tools made for vision creation and implementation! It seems the Artbees Team has actively stepped into the shoes of as many users as they could think of to create a product that would be accessible, relevant, multi-dimensional, and even help the user exceed the expectations he or she had for their own vision. This combination of being approachable to users across any level of technical skills while also being heralded as one of the fastest and most capable WP Themes is what for me, personally, sets the Jupiter V5 apart from other top-ranking themes.

What You Get When You Install Jupiter V5

Starting off with the initial installation process, in the WP Theme world, smaller is actually better! That being the case, I was pleased to see that the Jupiter V5’s Main Zip File is just a bit under 60MB and the Artbees Team plans on making the actual theme size under 5MB with its next version. This package includes three of the most widely used slider plugins, the Slider Revolution, Master Slider and Layer Slider which usually sell for a collective $57.00. The two other necessary plugins, Visual Composer and Envato WordPress Toolkit, bring the total value of Jupiter up to $91.00. This capacity at this price will make any entrepreneur or theme developer sit up straight in their chairs!

Features and Add-Ons Included in the Jupiter V5

Once I fired it up I saw that also included in the theme price are several portfolio and blog styles, 128 content shortcodes, over 1600 icons, 10 custom post types, 14 custom widgets, 18 Header Styles, and 14 different WP Menu locations. Jupiter V5 is also designed to work with many popular WP plugins such as WPML, bbPress and Gravity forms.

Increasing My Sales with Jupiter V5 e- Commerce Tools

Additionally, since I’m trying to create a site for e-shoppers to browse, the Jupiter V5 uses Woo -Commerce which allows me to create product loops, showcase my goods and make the sale! Especially if you’re looking to sell your products, it’s vital to have high quality images of your good and, as a perk, videos and animated features which make each product or any sales and discounts pop! Jupiter V5 provides all of this with sliders, carousels, and a variety of animated columns that will display your products in an organized, yet sleek fashion.

With all this one might worry about page speed though I was delighted to see that would not be the case with Jupiter V5. In fact, Jupiter V5 scored over 90% when tested with GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights, placing it among the fastest WP themes!

50+ Highly Customisable Templates to Choose From

Once I finished the installation process, as with most themes, the fun creation part began! Most themes have pre-made templates for users to choose from depending on which sector they’re coming from, but I did not expect to find over 50 template options to pick from! Take a moment and have a look at just a handful of Jupiter V5 Templates. Organized in the categories of Business, Community, Creative, Food, Health, Leisure & Entertainment, Shop, Style, and Technology, you can easily locate the group of templates most relevant to your niche and go from there. As was mentioned before, it’s not uncommon to find pre-made templates in many themes though I should note that Jupiter V5 is unique in that regardless of which template you start with, you’re given a great deal of creative space and flexibility in changing any aspect within the template.

Extensive Menu Options That Encourage Customisation

I did notice that the Admin Menu options provided by Jupiter V5 are a bit excessive compared to other themes, including additional items such as Posts, Pricing Tables, Edge Sliders, Employees, Portfolios, or Testimonials, but in this way, I can also see that it may make it easier to locate and navigate each function rather than having to find them buried in each shortcode. Additionally, Jupiter V5 uses Visual Composer which makes coding virtually obsolete for the user and allows for multiple languages to be used for the page while remaining responsive and retina-ready and completely operative on various devices. These are all factors which are increasingly essential for modern-day WP users. Once I began customising my page, I was able to access those 128 element shortcodes and was even given the option to override the global style settings to edit almost every aspect within the page. This is an unheard of range of capacity for a user and it provides just the right balance of providing starting points and inspiration for the user while also allowing them to retain their individual and visionary creativity. Whether you’re a web designer, developer or entrepreneur, this freedom is such a significant factor not offered by any other themes I’ve used in the past. It will be the key to creating an enticing and attractive landing page that will mean higher customer engagement and conversion rates for you in the long-run.

Unparalleled Artbees Support & Care Every Step of the Way

What about the hiccups or complications I’ll run into? Well, that’s to be expected when creating any site. What I saw though is that there is an easily accessible Customer Care portal offered by Artbees that allows you to submit tickets with a response rate of approximately five hours from an Artbees Care Specialist. Here you’ll begin a live thread with an Artbees Expert who will walk you through any problems you may be facing, answer any general questions you have and offer suggestions to improve your page. You may not even have to submit that ticket though. Artbees offers vast documentation, video tutorials, an active community forum, and a long list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ available which I found to cover most of the questions that I initially had.

Let Artbees Experts Help Create Your Site for You

As another option I saw that in case I didn’t have enough time to orient myself with the different functions and themes, I could alternatively hire an Artbees Care Expert on an hourly or package basis to either convert my existing website to a WordPress site, create an all new WordPress site for me from scratch or just polish up my existing site to create a more professional and seamless design. Artbees Care Experts would work with me personally to understand my visionary preferences, style and audience to create a site that would mirror and reinforce my business.

Access Informative and Relevant Blog Content from the Artbees Team

As if that weren’t already more than I could have possibly hoped for in a theme builder, Artbees also has a Blog section which covers many topics from how to create an eye-catching and user-friendly website to how to develop and scale your own business. It seems they have a well-rounded group of people on their team who are able to contribute useful advice and knowledge on different facets of entrepreneurship, marketing, web design, and of course, all things Wordpress themed.

The Whole Package to Actualizing Your Vision with Jupiter V5

Thus far in my experience with the Jupiter V5, I feel like I’ve gotten the whole package above and beyond what I had expected when initially purchasing it. Artbees Themes doesn’t just merely provide templates and simplified code for you to tinker with; when you sign up with them you are enfolded into a network that guides you throughout the entire process and lets you grab hold of the reigns in steering the direction of your pursuit and enterprise. It’s no surprise that while being a relatively new WordPress theme platform, Artbees’ Jupiter has still been highly praised for its comprehensive approach to theme-building and has sold over 28,000 Jupiter products. For approximately the same amount you would spend on a nice dinner or on a Friday night out, you could also get access to a long-term solution to your business’ success. Check out the Jupiter V5 today and begin your quest to achieve your vision!

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