How to Build Websites For Small Businesses With These 13 Ideas

Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Nov 2017
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There’s a host of opportunities for freelance web builders. Especially for those, seeking small-business clients who wish to create an online presence. Yet, the competition in these areas may be fierce. There are things that you can do to as a freelancer to get, and stay, a step ahead of your rivals.

You can, in fact, successfully compete in a number of different niches. In fact, you can do so without having to spend countless hours submitting the proposal.

There is a way. It involves getting in contact with potential clients; and once you do, showing them how you can help.

This is what’s involved.

Targeting Multiple Small Businesses at Once, Using Be Theme

Targeting several potential clients at once sounds like lots of work. Especially, if each of them represents a different small business niche. then, it is definitely a sure-fire way to take you out of your comfort zone.

It’s certainly easier to focus on a specific business type, and that’s always an option. But what you really need to be doing is offering your services to anyone who is in dire need of them.

Whether a business is a food service, a health clinic, a café, or a music studio, shouldn’t matter. If you can convince clients you can help them, you’ll get plenty of work.

This is where Be Theme enters the picture. Be Theme is the largest WordPress theme of all and a ThemeForest best-seller.

Imagine for a moment that there’s a dozen or so businesses that could use your services. The problem is, no two are similar. Each is on its own, separate niche. It’s beginning to sound like Mission Impossible.

But, is it?

Browse through Be Theme’s selection of more than 280 pre-built websites. You will definitely find a good match for each business. Since these pre-built websites are customizable, you’ll be able to find a perfect fit for each one.

Better yet, finding a good match will only take you minutes, not hours. If you don’t believe that, just check out these 13 small business examples. You’ll soon agree, that showing any small business how you can help them isn’t really all that difficult.

13 Be Theme Templates You Can Use for Small Businesses

For Food Stores – Be Salmon

This pre-built website effectively uses large images to entice users, the interactive menu engages them, and the testimonials section convinces them to buy.


For Car Services – BeDetailing2

Professional & bold images, including before and after images, illustrate the TLC and attention to detail a customer’s vehicle will receive.


For Event Planners – BeMeeting

A standard menu for events & meetups websites, along with a clean design that promotes easy navigation, quickly provides users with the information they need. The eye-catching countdown clock provides an element of anticipation.


For Salons & Spas – BeManicure

Luxurious imagery, coupled with soft design features are a perfect fit for this type of business. Integrated eShop functionality provides an effective way to bolster conversion rates and boost sales.


For Online Clothes Shops – BeDenim

For this small business niche, you’ll want a website that make good use of bold imagery, and attention-getting color combinations. The online store pre-built website also features and integrated eShop, and easy navigation – a must, whenever multiple products are featured.


For Musicians and Music Producers – BeHipHop

The hip design featured in this website matches the music being promoted. Video and audio players help bring this online store to life, and a blog section is added to promote musical events and albums releases


For Cafes & Tea Houses – BeCafe2

Large images inside the online menu make great selling points, while a photo gallery and the About Us page helps to make the small business stand out from its competitors.


For Catering Businesses – BeVegetables

The interactive product presentation gives this food-oriented pre-built website an interesting twist. The prominent CTA buttons and well-structured price listing make ordering easy.


For Visual Artists – BeDrawing

If your website building involves a creative business, you’d better have an impressive gallery like the one featured in this template. The integrated presentation video plays an important role too.


For Courses and Webinars – BeTraining

This template for a business offering courses or training, features an intuitive menu, easy navigation through the events calendar, and attention-getting video thumbnails; plenty of information, in a compact, easy to work with package.


For Nutrition & Fitness Businesses – BeDiet

Large high-quality images are a must if your client is going to convince customers to stick around long enough to make a purchase. The special recipe sections in the main menu are a great help.


 For Medical Care – BeClinic2

When you get an assignment from a client in the medical niche, you’ll want to present him or her with a website like this one – crisp design, easy navigation, and a professional, yet friendly look.


 For Interior Designers – BeCarpenter2

Geometric patterns, like the one shown here, always attract attention, and serve to focus on the product(s). Large images and a professional presentation video engage users, and help them make their decisions.


Social Media – Join Small Business’s Facebook Groups

Let's say you settled on a niche you want to pursue. Now, you would want to search Facebook for businesses in that niche that look promising. That could include one or more of the niches presented here or some totally different ones.

Then, it’s a matter of asking the group admin for permission to post your services. Answer the admin’s questions completely and honestly, and you should be permitted to post.

Having done that, you can go about your work while waiting for clients to contact you.

Cold Emails are Also Effective

Sending cold emails are generally more effective than are cold calls. They are also much less apt to be regarded as intrusive by the recipient. Now, look up businesses you’d like to work with on LinkedIn to find the key individuals to contact.

Then, it’s a matter of emailing your proposals to those individuals. The tone of your email should emphasize your offer to help, and never one of trying to make a sale.

Finish the email by offering to discuss your proposal in greater detail. You could also offer to provide examples of your work. This is one place you can use BeTheme’s pre-built websites to your advantage.


It might be tempting to go after the hottest small businesses on the market. But it isn’t necessary to do so, and could even be a mistake. The businesses you want to work with are those in need of your services. This is regardless of their niche, and there’s no shortage of these businesses.

Prepare yourself by going through the 13 examples to see how you could best make them work for you. Then, you should be ready to put your marketing skills to work using Facebook, LinkedIn, and email.

When you get a response, it’s time to put Be Theme, and its more than 280 pre-built websites, to work.

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