Understanding Type Families - Everything You Need to Know

11 Nov 2012
Bold, italic, condensed, black, Roman? What does it all mean? Getting started with typography can be a little confusing. But understanding the different styles within...

Make Cool Effect with CSS3 Animation Libraries

Web Development
05 Nov 2012
When it comes to animation, flash is being replaced by Javascript and CSS3. With CSS2, we can't really do much with it other than changing...

Extend Twitter Bootstrap Javascript Plugins

05 Nov 2012
Twitter Bootstrap comes with many javascript plugins too. However, eventually, you will find some common javascript plugins are missing, such as datepicker. Here, I have...

Visually Appealing and Experimental Javascript Plugins

01 Nov 2012
 I love experimental Javascript plugins. It's a glimpse of what javascript and css can do in the future. When you browse through the following examples,...

The Trend of Simple, Vector Art Web Designs

Web Design
28 Oct 2012
From the ashes of the grungy, textural web design trend, has risen a new look; clean and simple vector art designs have taken over the...

Giveaway! Win 3 Developers License of Impressionist - Premium WordPress Theme

27 Oct 2012
G'Day, we are happy to announce this great giveaway from Rockable theme. Up for grabs is their latest masterpiece Impressionist Premium WordPress Theme. It has...

Create Web Based Window 8 Interface Quickly with Metro UI CSS

Web Development
22 Oct 2012
Metro UI CSS allows us to create Window 8 Interface quickly by using predefined css styles and markup. Similar to Twitter bootstrap, it has scaffolding...

8 Dummy Image Generators For Quick Layout

Web Development
21 Oct 2012
Something I discovered lately, we all should quite familiar with lorem ipsum dummy text generator, how about some dummy image generators this time. As a...

Giveaway 5 Zyma Full Features Web Hosting

18 Oct 2012
Once again, for the fourth times, Queness and Zyma announce the inception of their new giveaway. Thanks to the generosity from Zyma, up for grabs...

Grid-A-Licious, Responsive Floating Grid Layout jQuery Plugin

17 Oct 2012
There are many Pinterest floating grid or dynamic grid javascript plugins nowadays, if you have missed our previous article about it, you can read it...

10 Pretty Impressive Premium Javascript Sliders

16 Oct 2012
We have showcased many free sliders in Queness. This time, we are going to showcase a few premium sliders. We browsed through Code Canyon, and...

ArrowChat - A JQuery Chat Plugin for your Website, and Giveaway

11 Oct 2012
ArrowChat is easily the most feature-rich jQuery chat software to date. Developed with jQuery, PHP and mySQL, with constant update and support, ArrowChat is fully...

Integrate Google Map into Your Website Creatively! Plugins and Inspirations

Web Development
09 Oct 2012
 Google map has been available for a few years now and no doubt about it, Google has done a very good job in it with...

19 Free Icon Font Sets, Embedding Icons Have Never Been So Easy

Web Design
09 Oct 2012
Icon fonts implementation on website is the new trend! Ever since font-face support is supported in modern browsers, icon font has became one of the...