Why Pre-Built Websites Are the Future of Web Design

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Nov 2015
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Web designers typically take one of the following approaches:

  1. They complete the design, and turn the project over to a developer;  
  2. They do everything; from conceptual design through final testing;
  3. They outsource the project to a third party;

Each approach has its pros and cons, but there is a new and different approach that is beginning to make waves.

Once you have an understanding of the website requirements, you simply install a fully customizable, pre-built website, similar to those shown below, and take it from there.

This advantages of this approach:

  • A pre-built website, and the conceptual design it represents, can be installed with a single click;
  • Since it is customizable and easily edited, you can get off to a fast start and maintain your momentum;
  • It is affordable; much more so than relying on a second or third party to do some or all of the work;
  • Time saved by starting with pre-built websites translates into improved productivity.

Examples of pre-built websites:








Source for the images: Be WordPress Theme

Editing a BeTheme Pre-made Website with Muffin Builder 3

The first step is to select a BeTheme pre-built website that suits your needs. You have 155 to choose from, most of which are multiple-page websites.

Once you find what you need, the next step is to install it, which requires only a single click.

Once you complete these steps, which will take you hardly any time at all, it’s time to put Muffin Builder 3 to work and start building a website.

The video shows how easy these steps are. Muffin Builder 3 features a cleaner, easy to follow interface, faster than ever data transfer, and improved navigation. This page builder, which has always been easy to work with, is now easier and more intuitive to use than ever. It practically leads you by the hand as you build your web pages.

The video also provides a glimpse into how quickly a layout can be customized. While it’s unlikely you will be able to create a website in mere minutes, as the video might tend to suggest, completing one within a few hours is definitely a realistic objective.

BeTheme, a Pre-built Website, and Muffin Builder 3 are just the right mix to deliver a quality website, on time, and to a highly satisfied client.

What you can Expect with BeTheme

A combination of 40 core features, 155 pre-built websites that can be installed with 1 click, and sales number that tops 21,900 copies, easily makes BeTheme the biggest WordPress theme ever.

  • Each of the core features serves a valuable purpose, but at the moment the spotlight is focused on the 155 pre-built websites. This core feature is the one that is causing the excitement. Not only will any one of them get a project off to a rapid start, but 119 of them are pre-built, multi-page websites that will give your productivity an even greater boost.
  • Once you install one of these pre-built websites, you are off to the races, and the Muffin Builder 3 page builder makes it ever-so-easy to maintain your momentum.
  • If you happen to be a Visual Composer fan, or it is simply the page builder you have become accustomed to using, you can use it with BeTheme as well. You can select either VC or Muffin Builder 3, or you can use both.
  • BeTheme is not only the biggest WordPress theme, it may well be the most versatile and flexible of the premium themes. The design possibilities are limitless.
  • If you choose, you can select a layout style, starting with a choice of 5 different base grids and build your website, or any page in it starting from a blank page.
  • Available design features include 13 header styles, sidebars, widgets, a shortcode generator with 200 shortcodes, a 1 click skin generator and 12 skin choices, unlimited element colors, plus video background and parallax affect.
  • You’ll have no problem making your website ready for anything, including SEO, Responsive, WooCommerce, Retina, WPML and RTL.

In summary, you will find everything you need to create a truly awesome and totally unique website.

What Others are Saying

Flexibility, website customizability, and tons of features. These three Be attributes consistently show up in user comments and feedback. There are in fact many different reasons for Be’s popularity, most of which are addressed at one time or another in user testimonials.

The bottom line is this: Be’s users are a satisfied lot, and Be’s authors are constantly striving to make this theme more powerful and popular than ever.

Here is a small sampling of what users have to say:

Support that you can count on

Be takes customer support seriously. Not only can you expect your question or any problem you might face to be addressed promptly (Customer Service is but a click away), but courteously and professionally as well. In fact, many of the new features that are constantly being added and improved upon are based on customer input and feedback.

You won’t get an FAQ-type answer either, but a response that specifically and in detail addresses your question or your need.

BeTheme has been creating a stir in the WordPress theme user community for some time, with its large complement of design aids, and its powerful editing and page building capabilities. Version 3 of the popular Muffin Builder, and the introduction of the pre-built website concept is causing more than just a stir. The ease and speed with which a website can be created and delivered will satisfy even the most demanding client.

The pre-built website concept is the affordable and straightforward solution you’ve been looking for. Check out the BeTheme website and try a free demo, and you will see why.

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