Create A Dead Simple Twitter Feed with jQuery

Create A Dead Simple Twitter Feed with jQuery

Create A Dead Simple Twitter Feed with jQuery


In this tutorial, we will be creating a jQuery script that retrieve twitter tweets from user account. It's quick and easy, come with link, hash tag, alias parser as well as time posted (calculated relatively). Most importantly, everything has a class and will be flexible to style and match your design!

UPDATE #1: If you want to know how to get image attached to a tweet from media entities, visit our new tutorial: Create a Twitter Feed with Attached Images from Media Entities

UPDATE #2: I forgot to mention one thing! Twitter has rate limits. You can only call this API 150 times per hour per IP. The best way to solve this is using cache. So, instead of calling the API in $.ajax call, you get it from your server. A PHP is scheduled (a href="">CRON Job to retrieve updated twitter feed in certain time and create the cache file once it's loaded. Don't worry, nettuts just released a tutorial about it :) How to Create An Advanced Twitter Widget

UPDATE #3: We have written an updated version of Twitter API tutorial based on Twitter Newest API 1.1. - Easiest Way to Retrieve Twitter Timeline and Hashtags

We going to use:

  • Twitter API - user_timeline in JSON format
  • jQuery framework
  • links/hashtag/alias function and time/date function (from twitter widget.js)


We need a simple HTML layout, linked with jQuery framework and twitter script. Also, a div with id called "jstwitter" - we will be appending all tweets from twitter server, processed it and chuck it inside.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
<html xmlns="" xml:lang="en">
	<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=UTF-8" />
	<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
	<script src="twitter.js"></script>
	<div id="jstwitter">


We made a quick and clean layout. However, you can style the following elements:

  • .twtr-hashtag: #abc
  • .twtr-hyperlink: hyperlink
  • .twtr-atreply: #abc
  • .time: relative time (10 minutes ago)
#jstwitter {
	width: 300px;
	font-family: georgia;
	font-size: 15px;
	color: #333333;
	padding: 10px;

#jstwitter .tweet {
	margin: 0 auto 15px auto;
	padding: 0 0 15px 0;
	border-bottom: 1px dotted #ccc;

#jstwitter .tweet a {
	text-decoration: none;
	color: #13c9d0;

#jstwitter .tweet a:hover {
	text-decoration: underline;

#jstwitter .tweet .time {
	font-size: 10px;
	font-style: italic;
	color: #666666;


Alright, javascript. We will divide it into 3 sections:

  • loadTweets: This is how we retrieve tweets. We use AJAX to call twitter API in JSON format and then process it.
  • timeAgo: Relative calculator from twitter.
  • ify: Convert twitter hashtag, alias, and links into hyperlinks.
	// Set twitter username, number of tweets & id/class to append tweets
	user: 'quenesswebblog',
	numTweets: 5,
	appendTo: '#jstwitter',

	// core function of jqtweet
	loadTweets: function() {
			url: '',
			type: 'GET',
			dataType: 'jsonp',
			data: {
				screen_name: JQTWEET.user,
				include_rts: true,
				count: JQTWEET.numTweets,
				include_entities: true
			success: function(data, textStatus, xhr) {

				 var html = '<div class="tweet">TWEET_TEXT<div class="time">AGO</div>';
				 // append tweets into page
				 for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
						html.replace('TWEET_TEXT', JQTWEET.ify.clean(data[i].text) )
							.replace(/USER/g, data[i].user.screen_name)
							.replace('AGO', JQTWEET.timeAgo(data[i].created_at) )
							.replace(/ID/g, data[i].id_str)

      * relative time calculator FROM TWITTER
      * @param {string} twitter date string returned from Twitter API
      * @return {string} relative time like "2 minutes ago"
    timeAgo: function(dateString) {
		var rightNow = new Date();
		var then = new Date(dateString);
		if ($.browser.msie) {
			// IE can't parse these crazy Ruby dates
			then = Date.parse(dateString.replace(/( \+)/, ' UTC$1'));

		var diff = rightNow - then;

		var second = 1000,
		minute = second * 60,
		hour = minute * 60,
		day = hour * 24,
		week = day * 7;

		if (isNaN(diff) || diff < 0) {
			return ""; // return blank string if unknown

		if (diff < second * 2) {
			// within 2 seconds
			return "right now";

		if (diff < minute) {
			return Math.floor(diff / second) + " seconds ago";

		if (diff < minute * 2) {
			return "about 1 minute ago";

		if (diff < hour) {
			return Math.floor(diff / minute) + " minutes ago";

		if (diff < hour * 2) {
			return "about 1 hour ago";

		if (diff < day) {
			return  Math.floor(diff / hour) + " hours ago";

		if (diff > day && diff < day * 2) {
			return "yesterday";

		if (diff < day * 365) {
			return Math.floor(diff / day) + " days ago";

		else {
			return "over a year ago";
	}, // timeAgo()
      * The Twitalinkahashifyer!
      * Eg:
      * ify.clean('your tweet text');
    ify:  {
      link: function(tweet) {
        return tweet.replace(/\b(((https*\:\/\/)|www\.)[^\"\']+?)(([!?,.\)]+)?(\s|$))/g, function(link, m1, m2, m3, m4) {
          var http = m2.match(/w/) ? 'http://' : '';
          return '<a class="twtr-hyperlink" target="_blank" href="' + http + m1 + '">' + ((m1.length > 25) ? m1.substr(0, 24) + '...' : m1) + '</a>' + m4;

      at: function(tweet) {
        return tweet.replace(/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20})/g, function(m, username) {
          return '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="' + username + '">@' + username + '</a>';

      list: function(tweet) {
        return tweet.replace(/\B[@@]([a-zA-Z0-9_]{1,20}\/\w+)/g, function(m, userlist) {
          return '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-atreply" href="' + userlist + '">@' + userlist + '</a>';

      hash: function(tweet) {
        return tweet.replace(/(^|\s+)#(\w+)/gi, function(m, before, hash) {
          return before + '<a target="_blank" class="twtr-hashtag" href="' + hash + '">#' + hash + '</a>';

      clean: function(tweet) {
        return this.hash(;
    } // ify


$(document).ready(function () {
    // start jqtweet!


No doubt, twitter is one of the hottest social media, so I hope this tutorial will able to help you to display your own tweets in your website. If you like it, please help me to spread it :) Thanks!

Author: Kevin Liew

Kevin Liew is a web designer and developer and keen on contributing to the web development industry. He loves frontend development and absolutely amazed by jQuery. Feel free to say hi to me, or follow @quenesswebblog on twitter.

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Fri, 26th October 2012
Nice job, simple and functional Reply
Sabir Abdul Gafoor
Tue, 30th October 2012
Fantastic, Really thank you for this scirpt. :) Reply
Tue, 6th November 2012
Hi, great code.!

I have a question: is that possible to cache the callback function for don't having the 150 limit imposed by Twitter.

One person know it and share it for everybody?

ps: sorry I'm french and my english is bad :s Reply
Mon, 12th November 2012
I found one potential issue. Because of your .replace /ID/ line, if the tweets are in all caps, 'IDEA' will appear as '234976787782334EA'. Reply
Tue, 20th November 2012
Nice tutorial.
But is there a way to remove the reply's? Reply
Anghel Gabriel
Mon, 26th November 2012
How can i use this to make more div load twitter. ?
Something like JQTWEET.loadTweets('#jstwitter2'); JQTWEET.loadTweets('#jstwitter'); Reply
Wed, 28th November 2012
Its not working for me.. Even when I click on the 'Demo' button both in Chrome & Firefox (mac) No feed is shown, only the header tag info.. I downloaded it and put my twitter user name in, same problem.. I see no feed what so ever..

Did Twitter change something? Why can't I see it? Reply
Sat, 5th January 2013
I was facing a similar problem try placing the id jstwitter adequately in the html and copy the files as it is in the project it may help. Reply
Wed, 28th November 2012
Nice simple Twitter script, life saver! Might be worth enablign ajax caching though .... Reply
Wed, 26th December 2012
This script is stellar, thank you!!!

I'm just wondering if I should be working in API 1.1? Will this be deprecated soon?

I'm simply trying to display tweets from any user that mentions @mytwittername and perhaps uses a specific hashtag.

Is this possible? Reply
Fri, 4th January 2013
THANKS A LOT! Great work! Reply
Michel Parpaillon
Fri, 11th January 2013
Hi, this is cool but lacks of some features. Is it possible to fork it on github to help you improve it ?
If not I'll create a repo and start from your work. Reply
Kevin Liew Admin
Fri, 11th January 2013
Yes, you can use this script and start a repo :) Thanks. Reply
andrew korf
Tue, 19th February 2013
this worked like a charm - very nice, great user control. you can see my implementation here: Reply
Rich Lewis
Sat, 23rd February 2013
Great plugin, I seem to be getting my tweets duplicated though? anyone else experience this? Reply
Tue, 26th February 2013

I loved your post and your organized code. I was applying in some application and I have a question.

In line 49:
if ($.browser.msie) { ...
But I read in jQuery page:

"We recommend against using this property; please try to use feature detection instead (see jQuery.browser may be moved to a plugin in a future release of jQuery."


Can you tell me another way to do this?

Thank you!


Kevin Liew Admin
Tue, 26th February 2013
Wed, 27th February 2013
This works great! Thank you! Reply
jose miguel bejarano
Tue, 5th March 2013
dont work with the las version of jQery (1.9.1) Reply
Tue, 5th March 2013
As of today, March 5, 2013, Twitter has started blackout testing that will shut off the JSON API. They are moving over to a REST API that requires authentication and stricter display guidelines on how Tweets appear. Any updates on how to use the new API? Reply
Kevin Liew Admin
Sat, 9th March 2013
Hi Josh, I'm working on a new tutorial with the new API. stay tuned :) Reply
Sun, 17th March 2013
Hey everyone,

If you're using jquery 1.9.x you're going to have an issue with this implementation.

Just replace the line:
if ($.browser.msie) {

if (navigator.appName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') {

That should do the trick! Reply
Sat, 23rd March 2013
Hello, I'm using Tweetsharp to get and display my mentions which is working ok. However I need to linkify my tweets such that the handles and hashtags link back to twitter and theURLs are linkified as well. How do I adapt your javascript to my asp Mvc3 project? Reply
Kevin Liew Admin
Sun, 24th March 2013
Hi Clement, if you look at the javascript line 111, that's the function to linkify hashtags, links and username. You can take that part and adapt it to your script. Reply
Wed, 27th March 2013
This code isn't working in Chrome when hosted but does work locally. It is fine with mozilla and safari. Any simple updates? Reply
Wed, 3rd April 2013
How do I get the authors Profile pic to show next to the tweet with this script?
Thank In Advance!!! Reply
Kevin Admin
Fri, 5th April 2013
Tue, 9th April 2013
Nice tutorial. Really appreciate this. Thanks for sharing! Reply
Thu, 18th April 2013
mmmm, i have faced with the conflict of 2 JS files (customs.js and your twitter.js). Reply
Fri, 17th May 2013
Sweeeeet!. You just save me many hours research and development time. Reply
Fri, 17th May 2013
Don't you need to follow twitter guidelines to display tweets? I think the guidelines are quite detailed. Not sure..... Reply
Sat, 25th May 2013
How would you modify this to display hashtags? Reply
Tue, 11th June 2013
This method works no longer... API v1.0 died. Please update the post, so that we will know what is the solution. Reply
Wed, 12th June 2013

This is not working. API 1.1 requires authentication. But you didn't mention that any where! Reply
Kevin Admin
Fri, 14th June 2013
Hi Kalyan, we did mention it. Please check the top part of this article. Reply
Thu, 13th June 2013
My twitter feed has dropped out. I think it is because I am using a fader from Simon Battersby also running jQuery.

Could you advice which jQuery to run to get both of these to run? Reply
Kevin Admin
Fri, 14th June 2013
I think it's caused by twitter updated its API. You need OAuth authentication to use it now.

Here is the updated tutorial. Reply
Thu, 13th June 2013
Now the script in my site not work... why ?
Also your demo not work.... Reply
Thomas Cober
Tue, 18th June 2013
I was using this one because it didn't involve any server side stuff, but twitter's new API has rendered it pretty useless. Is there any easy fix? Reply
Kevin Admin
Wed, 19th June 2013
You need this new article: Reply
Thomas Cober
Sat, 29th June 2013
Is there a way to do it without server side stuff? Reply
Kevin Admin
Sun, 30th June 2013
Unfortunately with OAuth, it has to be done through server-side language. Reply
Sun, 15th September 2013
not working!!!! Reply

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