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How I know I’ve found an Awesome Web Hosting Plan

07 Aug 2013
It was a pleasure to make the acquaintance of Media Temple’s Grid service. In all likelihood, it’s the best shared hosting alternative. There’s so much...

WhatFontIs - the font encyclopedia

09 Jul 2013
I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wanted to know so badly a certain font name from an image and helplessly tried...

Powerful and Free Form Builders

Web Development
28 May 2013
I have built many types of forms. From a simple login form, contact form to a huge multi steps registration form. It is not an...

Drag and drop your own free website

04 Apr 2013
Not many things are better after 20 years than when they were new, but the drag and drop function is and IMCreator basks in its...

8 Dummy Image Generators For Quick Layout

Web Development
21 Oct 2012
Something I discovered lately, we all should quite familiar with lorem ipsum dummy text generator, how about some dummy image generators this time. As a...

13 Funny and Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

Web Development
27 Sep 2011
For most designers and developers, Lorem Ipsum isn't a stranger to all of us. Well, I know how to write the first sentence without generator!...

11 Useful Online Tools for Web Development

Web Development
08 Mar 2011
As a web developer, I found myself rely on online tools quite oftenly. Online tool usually built to be simple to use and able to...

13 Handy Bookmarklets for Web Developers

Web Development
20 Oct 2010
Imagine this, you went to a client company, and their website need an emergency layout troubleshooting, but you have no tools with you to diagnose...

6 Incredibly Useful Tools I Have Been Using for Web Development

Web Development
05 Oct 2010
I have been building a lot of commercial websites, and this is the list of tools/techniques/plugins that I have been using to speed up the...

20 Online Web Tools for Photo Manipulation

Web Development
24 Aug 2010
If you want to be able to manipulate your photos for a fraction of the price, or completely free in many cases, you'll be pleased...

13 Simple but Useful Online Tools for Web Development

Web Development
14 Apr 2010
Most of this online tools perform small task that could reduce fair a bit of times if you've to do it manually. I searched through...

Ultimate Online Tools Collection for Web Development

Web Development
29 Nov 2009
Check out all these web development tools based on queness community news. I'm amazed by the number of web development tools available online today and...

12 Extremely Handy Online Tools for Web designers and Developers

Web Development
18 Nov 2009
Here is a list of useful online generator for web design and development. They are small web applications but can easily save up large amount...