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Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Jun 2014
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VPN or Virtual Private Network is quite a common term you may see it once a while. You probably know about it but never used one. The most important thing you need to know about a VPN is - it secures your Internet connection by encrypting all the outgoing and incoming data from potential eavesdroppers.

Introducing IVPN, a highly secure premium VPN service focuses on protecting your online privacy and censorship. IVPN is a registered private company based in Malta where Data Retention Directive (DRD) is not mandated, that means as a VPN provider, they won't store any logged data that could compromise your anonymity online. They set a promise to relocate if Malta implemented laws that may affect theirs customers privacy. And that's commitment!

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the benchmark for high security VPN services. We believe that in doing this we can earn our customers trust, the most important asset on which a privacy service ultimately depends.

We're continually building a highly secure private network using only the strongest open source technologies. We’re here to ensure that the service remains transparent and easy to use, whilst keeping your data... your own.

IVPN - Our Mission

VPN is particularly useful in the following scenarios. I have encountered the following issues myself and IVPN solve it with just a two mouse clicks (click on IVPN app and click login again, 2 clicks!).

  1. Public hotspot / Open wifi network. Let it be starbucks or any other places that provides free wifi, you'll never know who else is on the network. As a result, using open network can expose your Internet data to potential scammers. With VPN service, whether you're sending email or receiving confidential documents, all data are encrypted.
  2. Bypass Geo Restriction. Real life experience. I travelled China and only then I found out they have filtered websites and searched in their Internet and there is no way to access facebook from China too. With VPN service, you usually presented a list of servers located in different countries. In this case, we can easily bypass the restriction by connecting to a server located in United State.

What makes IVPN a good VPN?

In order to know why IVPN is a great services, we need to know the fundamental key aspects of a good VPN. A good VPN offer a solid balance of features, server location, connectivity protocols and price etc. 


There are many factors that may affect VPN connection speed such as ISP speed limitation, server encryption overhead, location of servers etc. I'm actually quite impress with IVPN speed. Tested from Malaysia, I connected to server based in Los Angeles, US. With 8Mbps Internet connection, it able to maintain the speed around 6Mbps, that's just 25% speed loss on top of all the benefits you'll get.

There are reasons why IVPN is fast:

  • They've placed VPN servers as physically close to theirs customer base as possible and continually revise existing and new locations for opportunities to get servers closer to customers thereby decreasing the latency and increasing the speed of our VPN service
  • IVPN maintain an extremely low subscriber ratio per server to ensure that performance does not decline at peak periods.
  • IVPN's servers are built to handle heavy encryption. Minimum server specification which includes multi-core Xeon processors.
  • More reasons

Also, they have servers located in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Romania, France, Germany, Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Data Privacy

Once you're connected to VPN, you're trusting the VPN provider with your data. Depend on the VPN data logging policy and to what extend you want to protect yourself, you need to ensure you read the privary policy before subscribe to the services. Worthy to be mentioned, IVPN do have a straight forward and easy to understand privacy policy.

IVPN was founded in 2009 by a group of information security professionals and they serious about your data privacy. As mentioned above, IVPN is a private company registered in Malta where data logging is not enforced. Thus, you can stay anonymous and your data won't compromise your identity. They are a member of EFF too!

Protocol & VPN Technology

IVPN supports a range of encryption protocols. They include Multihop technology, IPsec, LT2P and OpenVPN. For those in nations where Internet traffic is censored, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN provide a way to get around firewalls and other nuisances. Your data is encrypted with 256 bit AES + 2048 bit RSA

They use only open-source software to build the VPN network. You can click here to see the list of technologies.

Supported Platforms

VPN shouldn't restricted to desktop. We send and receive sensitive data via our mobile devices too.

IVPN supports all popular platforms. Mac, iPhone, iPad, GNU/Linux, Windows, Android and even routers (with the right requirement). They have IVPN setup guide to help you up and running quickly. I was able to setup mine by downloading the app on my Mac and login with username and password. My data privacy is protected in just a few minutes.


A good VPN service provider should have a well-balance plans and different subscriptions. With IVPN, you get all the features mentioned above with no limitations or restrictions.

You can get one-off plan for $20, monthly subscription for $15. You can save up to 44% if you're subscribed to annual subscription.

Better still, They offer a 7 day money back guarantee so you are welcome to test the speed of our servers and if they are not to your satisfaction then simply request a refund.

Payment can be made via PayPal or bitpay.

Don't wait, Sign up today :)

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