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Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Feb 2014
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If you own a website it is better to have a contact form on your Contact Us page instead of just an email address? A contact form looks more professional and gives the signal that you know what you are doing. It tells your site visitors that you are not an amateur.

Many solutions exist online which will provide you with contact form services. We recommend you try ContactMetrics.

ContactMetrics is not just another contact form creator tool. It will not just send you an email but will also give you in-depth metrics about the person sending the email.


An email follows a different format than what a traditional letter written with a pen on paper does. A letter will have the usual “To” and “From” fields and a long body of content. An email on the other hand is usually small, crisp and to the point.

Hence usually people writing emails, and especially if they are frustrated with a website, won’t write in much detail. They will just outline their problem and will assume that you or your customer service representative will sort it out .

Under such a scenario it is very helpful if you can get further details about the sender without having to ask a number of follow up questions.

Here is where ContactMetrics enters the scene.

ContactMetrics will give you many details about the sender like:

  • The location of the sender. His city and country.
  • How did he reach you? Did he come directly to your site? Did he see a link on Facebook and clicked through to check you up?
  • What browser is he using?
  • What is his operating system?
  • What is his IP address?
  • Is he a returning visitor or is he visiting your site for the first time?
  • If he is a returning visitor, how many days ago did he last visit?
  • Which pages of your site did he visit before sending the email?
  • How much time did he spend on each page?

This in-depth data for form analytics will help you respond to the customer queries in a much better way.

These stats will also help you fight fraud. Suppose you receive an email which says that the person is from Dubai and wants to invest in your. Now suppose Contact Metrics shows you that the person is actually from London. This will raise your suspicions and you'll want to do extra diligence to make sure the buyer is legitimate.  This will save your time and money.

The form is customizable. This means you can add any new fields without having to know any HTML.  se fields can be text boxes, checkboxes, drop down menus, etc.  For example, you could add a field for a phone number, or include a drop-down that classifies the nature of the email.

After you have customized your form,  you will be supplied a code. You can then embed this code onto your webpage where you want the form to appear.

Check out the site and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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