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A Brand New Rich Content Editor Concept - Sir Trevor

21 Oct 2013
Whoa! that was my first reaction when I play with the working version. I have seen and implemented many rich text editors to websites, Sir...

Google Web Designer – Cool HTML5 and CSS3 Animation Made Easy

Web Development
02 Oct 2013
The web giant has released a tool called Google Web Designer. I downloaded it but haven't got a time to play with it yet. After...

Create Ultra-Realistic Rain Drops with Rainyday.js

26 Sep 2013
It's amazing to see new javascript that does cool stuff. It always bring me joy! How flash is dead and HTML5, CSS3 and JS taking...

8 Conceptual Javascript and CSS3 Solutions for Mobile Platforms

Web Development
25 Sep 2013
Codepen is like dribbble but it's designed for web developers! Instead of just visual design, you can see real working implementation. Though not all examples...

Vex - A Modern Modal Window Library

01 Oct 2013
I love looking for new Javascript plugins. There are so many developers out there willing to release open source and good quality plugins that work...

Update Favicon with Animation, Image and Video - favico.js

16 Sep 2013
Previously, I have introduced a list of javascript plugins that update favicon dynamically. Now, we have a new one called - favico.js.

Simplest Way to Create Cool CSS3 Animation Effects

Web Development
13 Sep 2013
CSS3 Animation are gaining tons of attention lately. Personally, I have started using it in some of my projects and I absolutely love how simple...

iOS Overlay and Notifications for the Web

09 Sep 2013
Just stumbled upon these two plugins that replicate iOS loading screen and notification. Although the new iOS will be released with revamped UI, I believe...

Impressive Parallax Javascript Plugin That Supports Gyroscrope

03 Sep 2013
We found this pretty cool Javascript plugin that bring parallax effect to a new level. Parallax.js reacts to the orientation of your smart device, offsetting...

Reskin Form Select with FancySelect

24 Aug 2013
FancySelect is a nifty drop down menu solution create by Octopus Creative. It's designed to be easy to use, simply create HTML markup for select...

Recreate Google Nexus Menu

15 Aug 2013
Recently I stumbled upon Codrops' tutorial regarding the recreation of Google Nexus navigation menu. That was inspiring and such a creative navigation system from Google....

Display Before and After Images with TwentyTwenty

01 Aug 2013
Here we have a visual diff tool called TwentyTwenty that highlights the difference between two images. Created by Zurb as a new addition to their...

Create A Simple Responsive Portfolio Page with Filtering and Hover Effect (Updated)

29 Apr 2016
In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create portfolio page with filtering and also hover effect for each of your project item....

Unleash the Full Power of Form Elements with Javascript

Web Development
30 Jul 2013
I have this love-hate relationship with web form. I have created countless of forms, from the simplest email subscription form, login form to the massive...