Vex - A Modern Modal Window Library

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Oct 2013
23,861 Views • Javascript

I love looking for new Javascript plugins. There are so many developers out there willing to release open source and good quality plugins that work really well. This time, I found this modal window solution called vex.

Vex is one of its own kind. I have seen many modal windows but nothing like this. It's lightweight, highly configurable and easy to style as well. One of the cool features - it replaces browsers' native popup dialogue such as alert and confirm dialogue boxes. It can be made to work responsively and it's supported on mobile decices.


  • Lightweight, under 7kb minified & 2kb minified + gzipped
  • Highly customisable and extendable behaviors
  • Support theming
  • Support custom animation
  • Can be used to replace native alert, confirm, prompt and login dialogue boxes.
  • Open multiple dialogs at once and close them individually or all at once
  • Built in CSS spinner for asynchronous dialogs
  • Methods and Callback events such as afterOpen and afterClose



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Marcel 8 years ago
Vex is great but not standalone, it requires JQuery.