Google Web Designer – Cool HTML5 and CSS3 Animation Made Easy

Written by Kevin Liew on 02 Oct 2013
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The web giant has released a tool called Google Web Designer. I downloaded it but haven't got a time to play with it yet. After I run the app, first thing came into my mind- it looks like Adobe Flash. Second thing came into my mind - I think Google is trying to kill Flash completely.

With Google Web Designer tool, everything you created will be accessible in any devices with different screen resolution without compatibility issue. It should run pretty well in modern browsers and latest mobile platforms. And no doubt, in the future, we will need a tool like this to speed out web animation development.

This would be a good news to web designer who doesn't code. Just focus on design, interactive and animation, this software will generate HTML5 and CSS3 codes. It's similar to flash, you can create multiple layers and animated it differently with its timeline. And with the support of CSS3D transform, you can create insane animation just with clicking, dragging and drawing.

Google Web Designer is definitely something good to learn, but hopefully this isn't just like one of those Google experiments which Google developed but abandoned it after a while. It's in Beta version at the moment, should have more features in the future. If you can't wait and want to use it now, Click here to download now.

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Karan Sharma 11 years ago
Thanks Kevin.....Wonderful points most people wrote in this article... Great items… I think you have made some genuinely interesting elements. Keep up the good job...