Create Ultra-Realistic Rain Drops with Rainyday.js

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Sep 2013
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It's amazing to see new javascript that does cool stuff. It always bring me joy! How flash is dead and HTML5, CSS3 and JS taking over. It's simply impressive. Here we have a pretty cool Javascript plugin that create ultra-realistic rain drops effect called - rainyday.js

This awesome script is created by Marek Brodziak. Rainyday.js is a lightweight Javascript library that makes use of HTML5 canvas to render animation of raindrops falling on a glass surface. And the other aim is to make it as realistic as possible. I must say, he has done a great job. If it can be a screensaver, I would use it!

If you want to know how it's made. Read his article - Create a realistic rain effect with canvas and javascript.



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Joel 10 years ago
This would make a great Wordpress plugin!!