iOS Overlay and Notifications for the Web

Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Sep 2013
18,495 Views • Javascript

Just stumbled upon these two plugins that replicate iOS loading screen and notification. Although the new iOS will be released with revamped UI, I believe you can skin these two plugins easily.

These two compact and easy to use plugins are written by UX Lab. On another note, really appreciate all the hard work, generosity and effort from web developers. They offer wonder reusable scripts and countless of them for free!


iOS-style overlays/notifications for the web. This will work on most browsers and will degrade gracefully on old browsers. Also, to eliminate the needs of animated gif, it works well with spinner.js. It has onbeforeshow, onshow, onbeforehide and onhide callback events.


iOS Notifications

iOS-style notifications implemented with CSS3 and JavaScript. You can configure the message delay, permanently displayed on top and also on click event.

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