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How to Use a POS System for Restaurants

02 Dec 2017
POS system is an essential component of each restaurant business. It's come quite a distance from massive stationary cash registers to a mobile phone system.

Uncovered - The Key Elements of Successful Financial Website Design

Web Design
26 Oct 2017
Earning money is not that difficult, but managing it? That requires some work. Not everyone has a financial advisor or a guidebook to tell them...

How to Drive Traffic into your Website with Google Adwords

24 Oct 2017
Although not the favorite part of the web experience for most internet users, it is undeniable that websites can capitalize on their numerous visitors through...

4 Tips to Effectively Boost Workplace Productivity with Monitoring Software

22 Oct 2017
Every business strives to ensure that its workplace is as productive as possible – but there are always significant challenges that need to be faced....

How You Can Take Your Business Abroad

15 Oct 2017
Americans love to travel. In fact, according to the U.S. Travel Association, approximately 683 billion dollars is spent on domestic and international travel per year....

How To Budget For Technical Debt

11 Aug 2017
Are you concerned about technical debt? Do you worry that this could come back to haunt your company at some point in the future?

How to Make an Online Sports Betting App?

24 Jun 2017
Online betting took wing as early as 1997 when the first internet betting site was launched. Back then it was still a risky business as...

7 mistakes to avoid while creating an advertisement

19 May 2017
Advertising is an integral part of the business, and one may not be able to achieve the optimum sales without the right advertising. With the...

Benefits and disadvantages of paid and free VPNs

18 May 2017
When trying to save money we tend to neglect our privacy. Cyber crime and bullying are on the rise these days. Online environment is full...

6 Points to Remember When Preparing a Sales Presentation

24 Apr 2017
Whether it comes to buying your product or your competition’s product, your customer always relies on the convenience and quality of your presentation. First things...

Network Scanner. Benefits of Using

12 Apr 2017
The size of the network depends greatly on the enterprise where it operates: larger companies often require networks with a great number of appliances. Sometimes,...

Mobile training for healthcare employees: a chance to counter the nursing shortage

06 Apr 2017
We analyze the nursing shortage problem and address it with a mobile app for nurse training.

Website Re-Design: (When) Should I do it?

05 Apr 2017
Creating a new website today is easy - you take into account all the design trends and programming best practices, you take care of your...

Probably The Best Collection of Web Tools for 2017

Web Development
16 Feb 2017
Today is a happy day, as we’ve managed to finish probably the best showcase of web tools and services created for 2017. This list of...