What to Expect When Going to School for a Computer Science Degree

Written by Kevin Liew on 04 Dec 2020
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You might be considering investing in yourself to major in computer science while continuing your education. A degree in this field allows you to work in an ever-changing world of technology. You will learn about areas such as computer graphics, artificial intelligence (AI), and software design. Once you have graduated, you will know how to analyze complex issues using industry-level tools.

Getting Your Finances in Order

Before going to school, you will need to do some planning. For instance, how will you pay for your education? Many times, students choose to get jobs while in college. However, working during school can be distracting. That is why many students choose to take out student loans with a private lender in order to pay for their education. If you are considering loans, you can secure financing without a cosigner if you want to be more independent. That’s also a good option for students who don’t have anyone to sign with them.

What Does the Major Involve?

If you like solving problems and want to combine these skills with technology, computer science might be for you. You could choose to get a master’s or doctorate after graduation if you want to do research-related work. No matter what you choose to do after graduation, your courses will prepare you to work with algorithms, robotics, programming languages, and other topics.

Classes You Might Take

To get your degree, you’ll need to learn about calculus. You can also expect to take courses in linear algebra and statistics. Of course, you’ll also have classes that introduce you to the field of computer science. You may learn about abstract data types and computer organization. Plus, you’ll study algorithm design. Each of these courses will help you gain a strong foundation in the area. Then you can take more complex classes, such as cryptography, data visualization, or neural networks. Depending on your school, you might be able to get a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts. That will determine the final classes you take. 

If you want to get a B.A., you may not need to take as many classes. A B.A. prepares you to work in a different area once you graduate, especially if you combine computer science with other areas. For example, you could combine it with biology, architecture, or electrical engineering. And if you want to do research, you can work with your professors to create an independent project. That might look good on your resume.

Is it the Right Degree for You?

If you can think logically and want to enter the exciting world of computer science, you might want to choose this major. It will challenge you to do your best. The field is a good fit for anyone who wants to work with virtual reality (VR), cybersecurity, or related areas. While you can choose a research-related field, you’re not limited. That means you can choose from information technology to software engineering to data science. The field can teach you how to creatively solve problems.

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