32 Amazing Mini vCard Websites with Slick Javascript Animation

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Aug 2009
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This is something new, I believe some of us may not even realized there are getting more and more people design vcard website. I able to to find 30 of them, and including mine. :)

Most of them are having a same features - they are all using javascript animation like sliding, fading and tab navigation. I present you 30 amazing Mini vcard websites with slick javascript animation. Enjoy.


My vCard

Thanks for the inspirations from all the following websites. I managed to create one for myself. I made a futuristic design with dark wooden background and jQuery for the animation.

vCard Collection


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Wiras Adi 10 years ago
I really like Mr. Lekevicius\' card there. I use it as an inspiration to make one for myself.

Great list, by the way...
dido 10 years ago
thanks for you
i want to know how to build like this
Kevin Pire 10 years ago
Nice collection!! You can see mine here :, thx!
Peliculas Subtituladas 10 years ago
gracias buen aporte
Office Stationery 10 years ago
I must say you have a very nice collection of vCard designs.
per schmitz 9 years ago
for those who don't know (or don't have time) to build one themselves, we've developed an app for virtual business cards at . what do you think about it?
Perry18Keisha 9 years ago
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SEO services 9 years ago
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TimVandammeWallofShame? 9 years ago
Just want to know doesTim van damme owns the copyright for having a business card websites?

I can see he is asking for a link back on who ever owns business card type websites. Why dont he just sue .TEL domains instead.
kevin Admin 9 years ago
No, he doesn't own the copyright, I guess he just want to create a list of vcard that's all.
Simone Forti 8 years ago
This is my vCard:
Simone Forti 8 years ago
My vCard is most beatutiful: <a href=" "></a>