10 New jQuery Plugins You Have to Know

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Mar 2010
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I haven't done a roundup for jQuery plugins for quite a while, but I have noticed that there are quite a few of new jQuery plugins out there and they really caught my attention because of its design and application. So, this is the 10 jQuery plugins that I have collected for last few weeks.

I love "the most awesome image slider" and quicksand. What about you?

  • TN3 Gallery TN3 Gallery is a full fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with slideshow, transitions and multiple album options. Compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Powered by jQuery.
  • Interactive Map | Demo

    Building an interactive map with jQuery instead of Flash. It's a good title. I found this few weeks ago and I think the map is wonderfully made. Usually, we need to do this kind of effect using flash but with jQuery, it makes it possible.
  • Animated Share Button | Demo

    I would say this is quite cool. Social bookmark in a 3D carousal and it definitely able to catch readers' attention. The reflection is a good touch!
  • Reel Effect | Demo

    This plugin able to transform a series number of sequential photo into a 360 degree preview image. Again, most of the time this effect is done by flash or java and usually it takes a while to load! Check this out, a jQuery based and it's really good.
  • Bubble Up Button | Demo

    This is a another social bookmark tool. I like the simplicity even though it doesn't have the fancy 3D rotation or stunning effect.
  • The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider | Demo

    This would be the most elegant and beautiful image slider I have ever seen. My first impression was, wow that's look like something from Apple. I especially love the transition between images, they are wonderfully made.
  • Ajax Scroll | Demo

    A good replacement for pagination. Instead of let user click on the number to go to next page, its new content loads as user scroll down. I found this is quite a effective method to keep users in your website, because when I visit dzone, i always find myself keep scrolling down and keep reading post for quite a while.
  • QuickSand | Demo

    Another brilliant implementation, I think it would work great with the Ajax Load but it might hard to implement though. I played with QuickSand few weeks ago, now I'm looking forward for the day that I actually use it for my project.
  • SelectBox Plugin | Demo

    This is a plugin that style up a select box. Unlike those plugin out there, this selectbox is actually quite unique because it has a checkbox feature that allow you to choose multiple items.
  • Ajax Upload | Demo

    This is an AJAX uploader from Zurb. You will able to see the preview of the image once it's uploaded to the server.
  • Tile Shifting Image View | Demo

    Another jQuery Image slider with cool transition. It divides the image into small chuck of boxes and rearrange it to a whole image. However, the transition isn't that smooth if compared with the jQuery Image Slider above and it only has one transition.
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kevin Admin 12 years ago
oo.. look what are you trying to achieve :) I think you just have to populate the item based on the layout that suit the quicksand...

but with one thing though, not sure if quicksand is using live event handler, if not, it wouldn't able to move the new items populated from the AJAX load... it's something that you have to experiment... :)

good luck with that!
Jim Ramsden 12 years ago
Bookmarked! Great list, not seen any of these scripts before, where have they been hiding?
will craig 12 years ago
fab new list of plugins i can see the slider being very popular on theme forrest
Pol moneys 12 years ago
"I think it would work great with the Ajax Load but it might hard to implement though."

I'm implementing it right now in a project, any thoughts to help me start please ?

thank you!

pd: not sure if it's new but loved this one
Webmaster Barcelona 12 years ago
Excelent !
Ryan Cowles 12 years ago
Awesome list! Looks like I have some new plugins to try and figure out over the weekend!
Irfan Ahmad (alias Isfan Habib 12 years ago
Wonderful list,
Geshan Manandhar 12 years ago
great collection, bookmarked it in my delicious.
Can Aydońüan 12 years ago
Great collection. Thanks
Eric Shafer 12 years ago
Great plugins, glad to see some new jQuery stuff.
Prathap 12 years ago
I personally like Nivo slider and reel jquery... both are wonderful script.
waleed 11 years ago
also find my top jquery-image-content-slider for this month
Web Design Hippo 11 years ago
Haha I love the bubble button plug-in! Really awesome!

The Map plug-in looks interesting too.. I might have to give it a go!