How to Get Started With Customer Support Outsourcing

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Sep 2023
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If your budget is tight, you might want to consider customer support outsourcing, particularly if you have a small team. While the benefits of outsourcing are obvious, you may not know how important these services are to your customers. However, knowing the value of these services can help make your case. Customer support is what your customers will judge your company on, not the company providing it. Here are some tips for getting started. Read on! We have learned from the experiences of SupportYourApp, Influx, and CrewBloom.

Lessons learned from CrewBloom

While a call center is a logical choice for customer support, it is not the only option. Outsourcing customer service requires a unique set of skills and experience. For example, a customer service representative should be well versed in the nuances of sales. Outsourcing is an alternative, and CrewBloom's remote staffing solution matches companies with top 2% outsourced specialists. This unique model can provide businesses with the high-quality customer service representatives they need at a fraction of the cost of hiring and retaining their own in-house teams.

Outsourcing is an industry that has been around for quite some time. Its founders decided to disrupt this industry by hiring remote professionals. But their choice proved to be a mistake. They partnered with a company that does not disclose its pricing on its website. It was not possible to set a single price for all specialists. Instead, customers must contact the CrewBloom team to get an estimate for the cost of outsourcing.


Influx is an Australian company that offers customer support outsourcing services. The Founder of the company is passionate about helping online businesses deliver top-notch customer support. While the company is based in Australia, it is leveraging its seed funding to expand globally. While many other customer support outsourcing companies charge a high minimum monthly fee, Influx is willing to work with startups. For a flat monthly fee, Influx will provide quality customer support.

A key benefit of Influx is its commitment to customer satisfaction. Outsourced customer support is often a lower cost option than hiring in-house representatives. Outsourcing offers lower costs per hour than hiring small numbers of highly trained agents, but it doesn't come cheap. Low-cost BPO providers are typically focused on larger companies with high volume of repetitive support requests. But in many cases, businesses will be better off choosing in-house support staff for their most complex problems.


In this article, we'll explore the advantages of Pexly customer service outsourcing. Its team is made up of 200+ professionals from 25 countries. The company offers multilingual customer support in up to 15 languages. Its team is trained to the in-house standards of leading brands and augmented with proprietary support tools. These services are available for both SaaS companies and growing technology startups. Pexly's support services are offered across all channels, including email, phone, and chat.

Outsourcing customer support can help your business stay focused on its long-term goals. There are a number of reasons why outsourcing customer support can be beneficial for a business. It allows you to focus on more strategic business goals and still offer high-quality customer service. While most companies don't like to admit it, outsourcing can increase employee satisfaction. Pexly can help you stay focused while still retaining excellent customer support. And you can recommend it to your boss.

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