Tools of the Trade: What Businesses Use to Manage Operations

Written by Kevin Liew on 17 Mar 2018
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Businesses have far more tools than ever before to handle their day-to-day operations. With special apps that monitor time management, employee performance, website statistics, and more, all companies have the data they need to analyze their best and worst business practices in order to implement changes. Several tools of the trade should be utilized by all businesses, big and small. 

Performance Management Software

Employees are what make a company. Their failure or success becomes the failure or success of the business itself. Business owners need to be aware of which employees are working hard and meeting deadlines, and which are not up to par with the rest of the team. Called performance management, this helps employers make better decisions in the hiring and firing process. They have a better idea of when to cut certain staff members and when new workers are needed to fill in. 

Those who are struggling at first may do better after receiving an incentive. For example, if overall performance is down, employers can offer a certain incentive to help their performance improve. They may offer a paid lunch if the company as a whole meets a certain quota for the week or give a gift card to the top achievers.

Website Tools

A website is a necessary feature for all companies to have. In today’s technological world, the importance of a website can't be overstated. The customer needs a place to go that allows them to see what the company is all about, and what exactly it is they offer. Some may sell products directly from their site, while others detail the services they provide. In short, it can help potential customers and clients see the value in a company.

Countless website tools exist to help create eye-catching pages that showcase the business’ most prominent services and attributes. Say a company has a Wordpress site. They can use BeTheme to create a customized site that looks professional and attractive to customers. More than 190 layouts exist, with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Time Tracking Software

Tracking time is highly important for the efficiency of a business. CEOs want to see how their employees are performing over time so they're better able to manage project timelines. They can tell which tasks still need to be completed and which have been finished. Seeing this data allows business managers to determine what aspects need more attention. Time tracking software such as actiTIME is a popular choice among many companies.

Finance Tools

Accounting and finance should get taken into consideration as well. Paper records no longer suffice. It is far easier to track payroll, outgoing expenses, business sales and receipts — as well as all other financial records — using finance software tools. Options like Freshbooks and Quickbooks are possible choices. These tools help companies make better decisions regarding their spending habits while allowing them to see where they can make improvements for future success. Encouraging profitable behaviors is just one reason businesses need these tools

There are plenty of tools that businesses should utilize if they want to see improved performance, better customer relationships, and an overall efficiency of operations. With time tracking, employee performance tracking, and various website tools available, any company looking to make a change can do so quickly with the help of these tools. 

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