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Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Oct 2010
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Invoicing is not a child's play; it plays an important role when it comes to the payment. A proper invoice not just helps you in getting you payment on time but strengthens your professionalism as well.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep your invoice correct and proper in order to get paid efficiently by your clients. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep your invoice correct and proper in order to get paid efficiently by your clients. Thankfully, there are plenty of expense & invoice management tools available to help with this. Given below are some of the best practices and examples that will aid to create a spectacular invoice.

Include clients' contact person details and yours

This may sound insignificant but it is quite beneficial. When you create an invoice, make sure that besides client' address you should add the name of clients' contact person who looks after your account. It is easier to figure out an invoice when a company has a small strength of employees but in big Companies invoices often get misplaced especially when there is confusion over the project. You also need to add your name, company' s name, your e-mail id and phone number. They might need to inquire about the charges, thus provide you complete detail.

Mention your terms and conditions

There are instances when clients have delayed the payments or missed the deadline. For this, you should have a strong paper trail that mentions your expectations regarding payment and terms if they fail to meet the deadline for payments. You may send them follow up or overdue notices or charge interest.

Itemized list of services

Most of the people always like to know for what they are paying for. They do not prefer to pay for something just described as "design" . Therefore, itemized the list of services what they have received, but be specific and clear as much as possible. Also, do not forget to specify whether the charge is project based or hourly.

Let clients know about the method of payment

It is necessary to let your clients know about how you would prefer to take your money back or payment. Do you prefer a check or a money transfer? Be very precise about your expectations and in what form. It would be beneficiary for you, if you discuss earlier with the client about their preferred method or come to an agreement that you both prefer about the mode of payment. If you opt for a money transfer, send all the necessary information. You could also choose PayPal option but you would be charged a percentage of the transaction. For Foreign transfer you need to give more information besides your account number. Some countries also ask for your International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). These transfers double charge from you.

Assign number to invoice

In the interest of you and your clients, assign number to your invoice in a systematic and consistent order. You may also specify a code for the project. A numbering system in invoice and project keeps everything in an order.

Thank your client and ask for their feedback and suggestions

For any business venture, clients are the lifelines. It is their hard earned money which helps your business to thrive hence, never forget to appreciate your valuable clients and their trust on you. Also, invite them to contact you anytime for any query or details. You should also ask your valuable clients about their feedback and testimonials on your work and their suggestions to improve your work. All suggestions of the clients should be welcomed by you.

Make a complete and impressive invoice

All your hard work and efforts would go in vain if you serve a low quality invoice to your clients. To a make a lasting impression on your client make sure you create an eye catchy and clear invoice which takes care of every detail. It must have all necessary information, with no room for spelling mistakes. Also, customize the invoice and logo is a must in an invoice.

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