How To Create Innovative Websites from Scratch in No-Time

Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Dec 2013
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It's hardly any news that in order to have a business built today, the first concern is image. And image has long since surpassed the "1000 words" quota. In the era of speed, it surpasses the number of thoughts by infinity and more, with continuous connection. At the current pace of evolution, a website builder that is able to shape shift itself between platforms is a more than a must.

Real time what you see is what you get web creators are already a standard, but when it comes to phone and tablet support, you have to dig a bit deeper. A worthy name that stands out from the lot is Website Builder, a dynamic and simple to use service that maintains the intricacy of elegant and modern templates even on mobile mediums, and manages to remain free to use when almost everything is being monetized.

The simplicity of using Web Builder remains faithful to the standards. All it takes is 5 minutes and only a few clicks and you can have a site up and running. They go as far as stating that they can teach your grandma to build sites, and you can take that to the bank.

The start button doesn't lie, and it takes you straight to the matter, without mandatory registration at this point. You can choose to start from scratch, or use templates, which are from the most diverse domains: real estate, cooking, art, freelancing, events, etc. This is where you have the "mobile sites" category as well, which is so popular nowadays.

After the template is chosen, you get to the customizing part. The top menu is full of elements which are easily inserted into the page content, and range from pictures, galleries, video embeds to HTML widgets, links, chat boxes, social media elements and even HTML frame, for the precise mind who never fits that comfortably into labels. All of them can be dragged, dropped and adjusted in real time at any point.

After the site is finished, pressing the Publish button pops up a window in which the name of the site is introduced, after which the registration window is all that keeps it from being live. The service includes hosting and support in the form of e-mail and a downloadable pdf tutorial, and SEO optimization. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself!

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