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Written by Kevin Liew on 09 Jul 2013
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I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever wanted to know so badly a certain font name from an image and helplessly tried to find similar matches on font sites. I've even went to such lengths as to try and edit my own. And again, evolution of technology saves the day again as one more brilliant software emerges to make our lives easier.

I'm talking about WhatFontIs, which does exactly what the name says. More precisely, from a given image it can recognize the name of a font. It works with its own database, which spans to over 280,000 fonts. If it isn't found, the result will be the closest match possible.

The site is pretty straightforward, like any service site of this kind. Once on it, you are met by a browse button for uploading the image (and alternatively a URL can be introduced). It is important that the writing on the image is horizontal and also has a good contrast, so if it doesn't, make sure to edit it prior to uploading.

After indicating the type of contrast (background lighter or darker than the font), the continue button takes you to the next screen, which shows you what letters have been identified and asking you to confirm them in a nearby box. In their help section, where the requirements are specified, it states that the letters should not be touching. This is because sometimes more characters can be identified as one in such a situation, especially in fonts that imitate handwriting; other times, parts of letters can be seen as characters, but only in the case of intricate or unusual fonts. It is best to leave the box blank for these.

Finally the last screen is the results screen, displaying a list of fonts starting from the most similar and descending. You can choose from their huge variety of fonts and you can also filter the premium from the free ones.

In my opinion, WhatFontis falls in that category of services that everybody dreams about and when they come out it seems impossible, like the software that recognize songs just by playing the tune or the odor detection software. Things we all thought about but couldn't put it from the tip of our tongue into our computer chips. And the fact that it has a lot of free fonts keeps its accessibility universal.

If you want to test the service or just to find out more information, visit www.whatfontis.com.

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