Create Stunning HDR Images with Aurora HDR by Macphun and Trey Ratcliff

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Apr 2016
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Do you experience the moment when the photos you've taken don't capture what you saw? I'm pretty sure you aren't the only one, I too experience the same many times. The photo you took just doesn't look as good. Even though the exposure is perfect, but some part of the details are too dark or blown-out. There's a solution for this, it's called HDR.

So, what's HDR? If you aren't familiar with it, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, it's a photography technique that captures multiple photos with different exposure levels and then merging them into a single HDR image. Here's the example:

And here we have a few stunning HDR photos produced by a popular HDR specialist named Trey Ratcliff.

It's truly impressive and jaw dropping HDR photography. What if I told you, you can create this as well with this desktop application called Aurora HDR. This is not just an ordinary photo manipulation tool, it's created by a reputable App developer Macphun and the HDR photography specialist - Trey Ratcliff (yes, the person who took the photo above)! The result of this collaboration - a powerful tool for high quality HDR photos that's easy to use.

Aurora HDR

Now everyone can create HDR photos. Aurora has different presets for a quick start. You can choose the basic, Architecture, Landscape, Indoor, Dramatic, and the handy Trey Ratcliff presets. All these presets will speed up the time you need to create HDR photo. Once you choose a preset, you can see there's a list of filtered photos in different effects below it. You just need to choose one from below and tweak it with the tool palettes to your liking. It's that simple.

Aurora HDR - Presets and filters

One of my favourite feature would be the dual view. You can see before and after by holding the yellow vertical handle to the left or right.

Aurora HDR - Dual View

If you have used Adobe Lightroom before, the application layout is somewhat similar. You can see the tool palettes on the right. All the photos are different, you will need these tools to achieve the perfect HDR effect for your photo.

Aurora HDR - Tool Palettes

Aurora HDR is made exclusively for Mac only. It supports TIFF, RAW and JPEG files. Besides that, it can be a standalone plugin for Adobe Photoshop, Light, Elements and Apple Aperture applications for quick access within the application.

You can try first before buying it for $99. For more flexibility, they also allow you to pay in 3 instalments, $33 each.

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