10 Most Significant Web Hosting Companies Of 2013

Written by Kevin Liew on 13 Oct 2013
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Whenever your website goes offline, not only does it cost you money, but it makes you feel powerless because the matter is out of your hands. Therefore, a good web hosting partner is defined by its reliability. I put together a list of today’s most exemplary web hosting companies for your information.

Nowadays, almost all web hosting companies offer not just the service itself, but also bundled with tons of easy to install web apps and easy access to the server with user friendly backend services or for hardcore user - SSH access. Also, some web hosts also doing theirs best to offer help to theirs user to make sure they have a website up and ready quickly by providing  website development software and useful tutorials and asistance to troubleshoot issues.

Here we have 10 most significant web hosting companies of 2013, and if you're looking for a home for your websites, we have shortlisted top 10 for you.


KnownHost occupies a much deserved first place in my top 10. The company’s Managed VPS, SSD VPS, and Dedicated hosting services are affordable and reliable. VPS hosting from KnownHost means that clients have every reason to forsake the obsolete shared hosting for far more superior resources, power, and scalability, and at a far smaller price than that of an entire server. Alternatively, the Managed Dedicated Servers are Linux based and come with free cPanel/WHM.

KnownHost’s services are managed in the sense that migrations to KnownHost and backups are provided free of charge. What is more, account protection, management of the OS, hardware and network maintenance, control panel installation and initial optimization, are some other important aspects which KnownHost takes full responsibility for. Indeed, KnownHost wants its users to known that they’re in good hands. Moreover, KnownHost is quite confident in the network uptime of hosted websites. The 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee is backed up by an SLA credit which covers downtime of up to 0.9% (less uptime than 99.0% is unthinkable), given that the user alerts the KnownHost helpdesk by submitting a ticket within 5 days of the incident.

If anyone should decide to take up one of KnownHost’s VPS products (VPS-2 or larger versions), a wonderful offer is attached to all those hosting services: typing in the code KH15LIFE when you place the order activates a lifetime discount of 15%, which scales when you decide to upgrade. Finally, KnownHost pays back your investments in full if you want to stop hosting with them and you reach this decision within the first 30 days of hosting.



WebFaction is an extraordinary hosting provider. The web hosting that WebFaction puts forward is of Shared, VPS, and Dedicated origin. I know this may seem weird, but in other words, the product retains qualities from all three types of hosting. But don’t mond me, you can try the 48-hour trial, which is perfect to illustrate this aspect.

Whenever something feels out of order, or the user comes across a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, WebFaction’s reactive support team stands by to offer technical assistance. Other than that, here are some other aspects about hosting with WebFaction. Their experts make sure the developer has full SSH availability, while they configure, back up and monitor the servers, along with applying security patches and updating existing tools. Moreover, PHP, Django, and Python are some examples of the pre-installed developer tools that WebFaction provides. What is more, over 50 applications are ready for 1-Click Installation, and then they function at a marvelous speed.

As regards the investments associated with having your website hosted by WebFaction, I truly believe that the company’s services are more than accessible. A user may opt to subscribe for a whole year, or to go easy month by month. In the first case, a month of hosting is only $8.50, whereas a monthly commitment costs just one extra dollar. What is more, all users can turn back once they’ve started off with a subscription and then wish to terminate it. During the first 60 days of hosting, users are fully eligible for a money-back guarantee.


(mt) Media Temple

(mt) Media Temple takes pride in 15 well spent years of experience. So far, the company provides quality web hosting for 1.5 million websites in over 100 countries, and around 125.000 clients flock at their products. I may even venture to state that, since launching in 1998, (mt) Media Temple has become an expert in providing the ideal online platform for other people’s great ideas.

(mt) Media Temple’s clientele is vast, ranging from Web designers and Web developers to small- and medium-sized businesses, and even to giant brands that everyone knows of, such as Volkswagen, Red Bull, Adidas, or Sony. The diversity suggests that the seasoned company meets the hosting requirements of any customer who decides to take her/his chances with (mt) Media Temple. I also need to praise (mt) Media Temple’s reactive support team, which would more than likely make a very positive impression on users who happen to find themselves in a fix. As a matter of fact, the support team has been awarded for outstanding services.

Out of all the products that (mt) Media Temple has to offer, the GRID shared hosting platform stands out the most. It is, in fact, particularly optimized for WordPress, and bound to delight any Web developer or designer. For just $20/month, the GRID provides its users with 1 TB bandwidth that scales, 100 GB storage, the possibility to host up to 100 websites, and to store 1000 email addresses. The GRID is the company’s flagship hosting service, and its most recent upgrade makes websites work 6 times faster.



Pixeno is an incredible web hosting company. Partnering with them would be a fine choice for all creative-minded professionals, who can try any of Pixeno’s products beforehand for an entire month, free of charge. It’s enough to investigate the reports about Pixeno’s headquarters technology on the company’s website to feel awed, and to feel certain that their power supply is immune to failure. Out of the hosting company’s products, I love the the Personal and Reseller hosting plans best. They provide every user account with unlimited subdomains, email addresses, and MySQL databases. Besides, 4 backups are schedules to take place every day, and that information is stored and kept for 2 weeks, which enables 56 available restore points at any time.



DreamHost is another grand choice of web hosting. This company managed, in 16 years of practice, to host around 1.2 million websites for 350.000 happy clients. The shared hosting service, ideal for bloggers and Web designers/developers, is only $8.95/month. Alternatively, the VPS hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage, and starts from the price of $15/month for 300 MB. DreamHost has a 100% network uptime guarantee, which anyone can test by signing in for a 30-day free trial available for the shared hosting service. Last but not least, DreamHost also has the lengthiest money-back guarantee, which spreads for 97 days after you start hosting with them, so there’s plenty of time to act on second thoughts.



Flywheel provides superb web hosting, as the company’s live demo illustrates. The customers who would feel most at home are bloggers (seeing as Flywheel is optimized for WordPress), and Web designers who either freelance or work in an agency. Flywheel’s motto is to simplify matters as much as possible for Web professionals, who sometimes feel forced to spend a lot of time administering websites instead of following their passion for design. Flywheel launches their users’ websites, handles management and backups, and keeps them up to speed and safe from internet threats. In truth, Flywheel thought of everything, starting from third-party reselling, and continuing with simplified interaction between co-workers of an (no usernames and passwords).



WebHostingBuzz is a notable part of my top 10 hosting companies of the moment. Choosing to host with WebHostingBuzz would be both rewarding and cost-effective. As far as Web designers and Web developers are concerned, a Shared hosting service is only $4.95 per month, and VPS hosting is just $14.95. Nonetheless, the best cost value is attached to the WebHostingBuzz Reseller hosting service, which usually costs a monthly $9.95. Well, currently, the price for the first month of Reseller hosting can be dropped down to $1 by punching in the code “resellerdeal” when activating the plan.



HostNine deserves a place in my list of the most poignant web hosting companies. HostNine’s Shared, Reseller, Cloud VPS, and Dedicated services are altogether enveloped by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee, and for every hour of recorded downtime, the company compensates with one free day of hosting, which is deducted out of the next month’s invoice. What is more, once a hosting service has been activated, there is a 45-day window to give everything up and receive full refund. Presently, HostNine’s offers focus entirely on existing users: 50% off the first month’s invoice by using the codeH9LUV13 for upgrades concerning Cloud VPS, Reseller, and Shared hosting.



HostGator is a commendable web hosting company, due to the fact that it deploys tremendous resources in order to provide quality Web hosting at an accessible cost. The company relies entirely on wind energy to power up its 12.000 servers which are delegated to the Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated hosting services. The network uptime guarantee for all products is 99.9%, and there is a 45-day money-back guarantee in case new customers are not content. In addition, HostGator’s customer support team is very responsive. Finally, when users activate one of the company’s Shared hosting plans (Hatchling, Baby, or Business), the first ever invoice arrives with a 20% discount.



My top 10 illustrious web hosting companies ends with Bluehost, which offers a most delightful Professional shared hosting service - attached to unlimited domains, storage, file transfer capacity, and email accounts. Check out their live demo. What is more, Bluehost’s shared hosting allows for one free domain, and also offers a free site builder with templates to use for your website. On top of everything, the first invoice of Bluehost’s Professional Web Hosting service is discounted down to $4.95. The first 30 days of hosting are eligible for a full refund, and even if users reconsider after the first month has passed, they can still recover what’s left of the pre-paid subscription.

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